Anyone want €12.50 off? I'll use your referral link

I’m new here and considering buying some plenny and I saw that there was a referral program. As long as I can use a referral link after the initial signup, I’ll use the code of whoever posts first :slight_smile: (I mean, it also saves me money)

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Hey there, I’m not too sure about referral codes, but I do have a referral link which offers the same discount.

Working link: Referral Code (after a few seconds a box will appear prompting you to enter your e-mail to receive a code)

Hope you enjoy whichever product you decide to try out :smile:

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Hi @childishgiant, did @NovaMosh’s code work for you? Let me know!

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I tried clicking that link and then ordering but I wasn’t getting any discount

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You should get a pop up on the right to insert your email to redeem the discount :slight_smile:

Think there was a problem with the referral link, seems to have been changed now but with this one you just need to click on it, and after a few seconds it will prompt you to enter your e-mail and you’ll have the discount code sent to you :laughing:

Here you go: Referral Code :smile:

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@Tim I assume this is intended? I guess I could make a new email address to claim the referral but that’s a bit cheaty. I think you should be able to use a referral code as long as you haven’t used one before but I know that may not be what it’s meant for :woman_shrugging:


Ahh, yes of course. The code only works for new customers, that’s kind of the point of a referral code :wink:

Thing is, I am a new customer. I haven’t ever bought anything before, I just made my account before finding a code to use :frowning:

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In that case, can you shoot me an email at so I can hook you up with a discount code?