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Disappointment in the recent lowering of protein content


This is a short post, but I suspect that it’ll say everything it needs to say.

I was a big supporter of [Insert censored former name]/Jimmy Joy early on, and converted quite a number of people to replacing a percentage of their meals. As most of us know, protein is typically the expensive addition to creating a ‘Soylent’ product.

So you can imagine my disappointment when the latest change to Plenny Shake was announced, where your company confirmed a downgrade from 125g of protein to 75g of protein. Particularly disappointing was your attempt to ‘spin’ this downgrade. It’s important to understand that the WHO recommendation of 0.66g is an extremely minimal recommendation for any adult who is going to be in a remotely ‘active’ category. Here is an unbiased and sourced article indicating the recommended range of protein that differs dramatically from .

See also a quotation from Jimmy Joy competitor Huel:

Why Huel Is High in Protein

The RI for protein is 50g per day, but this only covers our very basic needs and prevents protein deficiency(1,2,3). The Western diet typically provides more(7), and Huel does too. All essential amino acids are included in adequate amounts from two vegan protein sources: pea and brown rice protein, as well as protein from the oat powder. Based on an average 2,000-calorie intake, you’ll be consuming 148g protein per day from Huel. This provides a good amount for optimal health as well as building and maintaining a healthy body. Furthermore, protein is more satiating (appetite suppressing) than other macronutrients(8), and we’ve designed Huel to stop unwanted hunger pangs.

I would advise other long-time customers like me to look closely into what Jimmy Joy is doing with their new formulae and to respond appropriately.


Im truly disappointed too. You just put in words what I was thinking about the changes. Now plenny shake is literally oats with “things” and a little soy flour. So I prefer buying oats…

P.S: I just read the announcement again in FB. This part “We improved the balance of the macronutrients. Our product technologists are very nitpicky.” is soooo discouraging.


Bummer. Gone are the days of easy meal-preparation. Back to juggling the protein powder, I guess.
Thanks Jimmy. :man_facepalming:


Another disappointed customer here.
I’m doing some math to understand what costs more between adding proteins to jimmyjoy and buying from competitors like huel.
Meanwhile, I will stop my subscription.


Same here, been using JimmyJoy for 3 years and this is kind of a deal breaking to me that spend a lot of the time at the gym. What happened to the product with extra protein?


Anyone kind enough to share ready-meal alternatives? Due to the recent changes to the formula I will now have to revert to adding protein to my daily JJ shakes - this is both expensive and inconvenient and simply not acceptable in the long term.


There is a drop in protein from 125g to 75g per how much? When I look at the quote here from Huel, which provides 148g per 2000 cal, and then compare it to the label for Plenny Shake Vegan, the PS Vegan provides around 135g per 2000 cal. That is a pretty small difference. Maybe the drop in protein is only for the non-vegan shake? (I’m only interested in the vegan myself.)


Made an account especially to support this thread. Just completed my second order ever and only found out about the significantly lower protein content afterwards — who would have thought they’d change that.

To me, the old formula seemed pretty much perfect in terms of macros and honestly, the low protein content is a deal breaker for me. I also loved the texture but I that’s just a matter of personal preference.

It would be great if you could offer the old formula as an alternative. I believe a lot of your costumers lead active lifestyles and can’t imagine substituting the loss of protein with yet another powder in the long run. You indirectly made your product quite a bit more expensive.


Hello All,

Thank you for your comments. I do take them into account, and will look for options to satisfy your needs with our products. For now I can offer you our new active formula which contains double the amount of protein as our new standard formula:


Go to the main Plenny Shake website and access the nutritional info. Or you can see this link here. One ‘meal’ is 96g and contains 15g protein, and there are five ‘meals’ per day. Hence 75g of protein. You can verify the meals are 400 kcal so 2000 kcal per day.

To me, it’s very clear that Jimmy Joy has basically decided to target more aggressively the vegan demographic, and so has decided to reduce protein amount, likely as a means to save on costs, or because of the costs of their ‘plant’-based formulae. Either way, it’s clear that there is a business strategy that is different than the one that was originally set out.

@karel has suggested the active formula but this is more expensive (1.35 Euro more per day). Also it is only available in banana.


I’m a long-time customer, having spent around 2000 € on J0ylent / JimmyJoy so far.
I just have to post on this topic. In 2017, a meta-analysis has been published by Morton et al. regarding the maximum amount of benefical protein supplementation in adults using resistance exercise training, so pretty much everyone going to the gym or training at home, whether with machines, free weights or bodyweight exercises (A systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression of the effect of protein supplementation on resistance training-induced gains in muscle mass and strength in healthy adults). This is the highest level of evidence you can reach.
It concluded that protein supplementation up to 1,6 g/kg bodyweight daily is beneficial. With the new Plenny Shake, an average 80 kg male will get 0,94 g/kg, so we will need to supplement again, a situation lots of us were happy to avoid with JimmyJoy’s products. With the old version, we got pretty much the ideal amount, 1,56 g/kg.
I know there’s Plenny Shake Active, but I honestly can’t stand drinking banana, banana, banana, every day all day for weeks. I once ordered 30 of those and tried it, but it just didn’t work. I was always hopeful that you would provide other flavours than banana for the Active version, but even the text in your shop (“At the moment we only have the banana flavour available, but we’re planning on expanding the flavour varieties in the near future!”) sounds like mockery, because I’ve waited 3 years now and nothing happened.
You don’t even state on the shop page or the detailed ingredient list how much creatine and beta-alanine is in the new formula.
I’m specifically looking for high protein content shakes after reading everything nutrition-related I could come across on examine.com, several fitness and nutrition subreddits, new papers in the usual publications and every other source I could get my hands on for close to 4 years now and concluding that it only offers advantages unless you’re afflicted with diabetic nephropathy or some types of glomerulonephritis (one of my friends has IgA-mediated glomerulonephritis and sticks to 60 g of protein a day max because of it).
We all know that the protein part, no matter if it’s vegan or not, is the most expensive and difficult one to get.
I strongly suspect that JimmyJoy just eliminated every protein source addition to cut costs, and the part about the WHO minimum recommendation in your blog post is just a smoke screen.

I didn’t like other changes so far… the switch from 700 to 400 kcal portion size was probably just to make each meal appear cheaper while complicating comparisons. The new site and system with time traveler points and subscription-based instead of order size-based rebate, while looking exciting and positive at first, essentially just made everything a bit more expensive after going into the details and doing the math.

The only positive I’m seeing right now is that finally Mango flavour is available as vegan, but that’s just because you eliminated all protein powder, not because you switched from whey to (more expensive) plant-based ones.

I strongly urge you to at least partially reverse this, provide the full information on Plenny Shake Active, and/or finally offer more flavours for that.


@brzelius: Well said. I support what you’ve written and hope that JimmyJoy will address these comments.

I was really not a fan of their WHO citation and their patronizing ‘spin’ e.g. their spin that this was in efforts to get rid of grittiness, which has never been a problem for me. The easiest way to get rid of grittiness is just to serve water, which is basically what it seems they’re beginning to do.


This is just sad. Another story of a company who starts great and then takes some bad decisions. Been a customer since it was called …lent.
Converted some people in Portugal who are now aware of this new formula and are jumping ship for the same reasons I am.

You change to 75 grams of protein a day, and try to sell us that quoting WHO, seriously? If we wanted more omega 3 we would supplement it in a easy and cheap way. Supp protein? A whole different story might aswell buy another product a with higher protein content.

And you advise the more expensive JJ active formula because it has more protein. For the higher price you get more protein, creatine, beta alanine. Why the removal of L-carnitine and L-glutamine also? Are we supposed to eat banana flavour everyday?

Go on reddit and see what your customers think about it, I mean that’s probably the reason why you did not ask your customers opinion about this changes. Ofc you were not obliged to do so but…

Sorry for the rant, I would like to continue as a JJ customer but I’m seriously disappointed about the way you are going even your marketing decisions. You had some of the best products on the market for a nice price but with this new formula if you do the math its not worth it. I sincerely hope you are reconsidering, I don’t think a lot of people are happy about the changes.


You also cut 100 calories per bag?!? What’s the point of all of these changes?


I may be generalising a bit here, but I’d suggest it’s all about the money.:wink:


Looking through the changes over the changes this week, most of it seems great, other than the drop in protein.

It’s just a bit disappointing. Ease us into it next time you make a massive (yeah that’s a big one) macro change.
Maybe bump up the protein back up to 100? It’s a nice middle ground if you guys can manage the cost.


I was about to drop a huge oder planning on going ■■■■■■■ till the end of the year.

I’m still I’m shock at what you did with the macros and with ■■■■■■■ sport:

Protein 15%
Fat 30%
Carbs 55%


I mean…

Cut protein to 15% + remove 100kcal per bag = profit?!?!


Signed up just to share the frustration. You could at least do some A/B testing before such a great change. Perhaps keep the “legacy version” as an alternative for users happy with the old formula/taste. Or own it and rise the price if you have to. :frowning:


Hi @Runner,

Thanks for being a long time customer! we appreciate it. Let me try to clear things up a little bit. I don’t want to go into the weekend without answering a few questions and leaving you guys waiting any longer. @karel, correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

-decisions/protein recommendation/active
We trust scientific research from the World Health Organization and European Food Safety Authority until we can start doing them on our own. The regular line isn’t supposed to meet a super active gym lifestyle. According to the World Health Organization, 10-15% of your intake should be from protein. To meet a more active lifestyle we have the Active line that has 27g of protein per 100g. This would mean you would get 135g of protein per day. This is more than enough for max gains. We will try to add flavors as soon as we can.

-Protein/l-carn & glutamine:
Protein in retail is a heavily overprized product so I understand that it looks like we lowered it to cut cost. This, however, is not true. Health always stands on the first spot during the development and improvements of all our products.

We couldn’t find any scientific research that backed L-carnitine and L-glutamine to be a major benefit so we decided to cut them. We will expand flavors for the Active line as soon as we can. We upgraded all of our products in a pretty short time. There is only so much we can do in 24-hours. Please bear with us :slight_smile:

We do listen to all the feedback that we get. The formula has been unchanged for almost 4 years and we are actually really proud of the end result! It is completely backed by scientific research and we managed to still offer it at a very competitive price in comparison to our colleagues in the future food market.

Let me know if something isnt clear.