Sending trash is not eco friendly

Why are you sending those “meme” stickers every time I order? I despise that, because I have to just throw them straight into the trash.
And I think, that we already have enough garbage on this planet.

Is all of that eco-friendly image of your company just a hoax? Or is it just marketing strategy and you dont actually care about state of environment? Considering how much trash is being thrown in the ocean and burned up every second, all around the world, few stickers wont really make any difference, right? Just a drop in the ocean. But can potentially increase profits for YOUR company by getting more customers?

Dont get me wrong, I’ve been using your products since before you changed name, because I like them, but those stickers are literally garbage you are producing and sending away into the world.

At least add some sort of checkbox in the order forms, when people can opt-in, instead of sending them to everyone.

edit: Just checked the order properly, you didnt even send the right flavors, that means, you have time and resources to throw in some useless items in the order, but dont bother to check the correctness of the items I paid for. Wow.

First of all, we appreciate very much that you have been with us along the way since way back.
We love memes and sharing them, so we think that people could share them as well, paste them all around to make some modern art or decorate the streets with some humor.

Of course, we will share with our team your suggestion to make it optional, your point is a valid one.

In regards to the order not containing the correct items, our apologies! Please get in touch with us through the Live Chat or via for a solution there.


Maybe a good idea to replace the stickers with NFTs? (#runsforcover) I particularly liked the fluffy clouds one with Rob Ross.

Personally I like the stickers, I have quite a collection already and there are many different varieties. The eco impact of a few stickers is minimal compared to the fun of collecting them.

Maybe there should be a little checkbox “don’t send me stickers or any other free stuff” so that those who don’t appreciate it will be able to enjoy the empty box.

BTW: A sticker is not trash, it’s a sticker. It only becomes trash once you throw it in the bin. For this reason it’s better to stick it onto something so the sticker will not become trash.