Still hungry after two bars

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Dear Juergen

It obviously sucks that JJ isnt for you, and we`re sad to hear it indeed. I think there is some sort of satisfaction guarantee if you contact support directly in stead of a discussion forum, because tbh Im unsure what it is that you would like to discuss. Maybe you can clarify?

Also, I don’t like green eggs and ham :person_shrugging:

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well, i was wondering what people do to actually feel full. whether they really just eat one of these bars or add something on top. honestly, the claim that one bar is filling is essentially false advertisement. because the feeling of being full has little to do with calories and much more with volume.

also, the taste is so horrible that the positive reviews are most likely fake. if i didn’t randomly get a bad batch, that is. i think that shouldn’t just be kept between me and support.

my name is not Juergen.

Hi JuergN,

Thanks for posting your concern here, we are sorry to hear about the experience you now had and of course would like to set that straight with you depending on the issue.
We would like to ask you to check in with our customer care team through either the Live Chat on the website or for assistance with this and please send the batch code of the Bars with your message so we can check. That batch code is printed on the individual wrappers and will show a date and time.

We would like to make the note that the experience can be different for anyone and the saturation is also depending on the person of course. That said, we do not hear a lot of people saying they need a second bar after eating one, so it may indeed be an issue with a batch, but more likely your body that just needs more to feel saturated.
The claims we make in this on our website and in ads are based on research, on average saturation was tested to be between 3-5 hours with our meals and that is what we aim for in development as well. The reviews you mention are in no way fake, we request all customers to review the contents of their order a few days after receiving it and they are in no way moderated or fake.

Thanks in advance! <3

That the taste of Jimmy Joy products could be improved I agree with. Some of the products can even taste pretty bad depending on your taste. But try the coffee bar; it’s amazing.

That the products are not filling I do NOT agree with. It’s even hard for me to finish them. But maybe your body consumes a lot of calories in a day and you require more food. There are websites that will tell you how much you consume.

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While I hate the coffee bars, I love the vanilla version (that’s how taste works) and I do feel well full after one bar as breakfast.
I have a regular BMI with a size of 1,88 and I guess people are just different. What helps is eating slow. Of course I could eat another one after the first, but I have enough energy for a couple of hours with one bar.

hi Daniel

I have contacted the support and was only faced with the same obvious lies as this message of yours here. there is no way anyone left actual positive feedback about the apfel strudel and the caramel bars.

also, that is not how saturation works. maybe you should confer with actual nutritionist. clearly, no actual ones were involved in any of this.

the only reason it is hard to finish them is the taste.

calories have almost no effect on whether you feel full. that’s why high caloric density foods like some types of fast food won’t make you feel full even when you overeat.

energy isn’t the issue. an empty stomach is.

i have tried to vanilla one yesterday and it indeed is better than the other ones. not because it tastes good but because it barely has a taste. which of course is better than an actively revolting one.

At least youre being neither bitter nor overwhelmingly subjective in your analysis. Were so thrilled to have you on the forum. Why did you come here again? :blush:

As I informed you on through our email contact, it is completely up to you if you choose to not believe the reviews are indeed real. We send the request to all our customers automatically after their orders and there is no option to amend them through the service they are added through,, you can fact-check that yourself.
Besides that, ask anyone here on the forum if they left a review and if they saw it was edited in any way, I am sure you will get lots of responses.

Our products are designed and tested with actual nutritionists, also something you can choose to believe or not of course. Everything is scientifically backed and on our website you can find sources for all the claims we make in the respective articles.

If it turns out our products don’t suit you, that’s fine, it’s not for everyone. Your experience is luckily not the average one, otherwise we would have been out of business a long time ago.

We thank you very much for trying it out and the options offered to return items and make use of the 30-day guarantee still stands for you.


@JuergN The caramel sea salt bar is my favorite. And it fills me up pretty good. The trick for me is to drink a lot of water (or tea, in my case). The bar itself is pretty dry (not in a bad way, it’s just the way a bar of any kind would be). The liquid you consume it with will help fill out your stomach and provide the “volume” you say you’re missing. You can also try one of the shakes, it will do the same thing (pair the dry stuff with some liquid to provide more volume). But personally I feel more full if I get to chew something. So when I have a shake I usually also have an apple or something.

Also, depending on how many meals you eat in a day two bars might be what you need. Two bars is 800 kcal. If you eat three times in a day you would probably need two bars each meal as that adds up to 2400 kcal which is perfectly normal for anyone to eat.

Lastly, what I notice with the JJ products is that I don’t feel super full after eating. But I’m also not really hungry. And it takes a long time before I start feeling actual hunger. I bet it’s because of all the fiber and relative high protein content. All of that helps with a long lasting satiation.


Welcome JuegN,
Haven’t tried Apfelstrudel bar, but caramel bar is one of my favorites. You know each person is different and have different preferences. Opinions are real. While others do, I don’t like coffee bar… but love vanilla. Pizza bar was ideal only when you wanted a salty snack… Everyone is different, and this also goes for hunger. I don’t usually eat bars for dinner, but when I have one for breakfast I feel great until dinner. I would recommend to have half bar and a plenny shake for a full sensation in your stomach.

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Hello JuergN,

I‘ve seen that you have already received quite a lot of replies, but I as a regular customer at JJ thought I would share my thoughts as well.

I have to admit that in the beginning I also thought the bars weren‘t filling AT ALL. However, after some time I felt that I did not have the desire to eat as much / as often as I did before, so eventually I did feel a lot more saturated and satisfied.
Maybe your body just needs a little more time to adapt to this new kind of nutrition?

As for the flavor, I agree that the Apfelstrudel does taste a little more artificial than others, I would recommend trying the fig-almond one though, that one tastes the least artificial to me.

I hope this answer helped you in some way :see_no_evil:


in other words: it literally does not fill you up. the water you drink does.

if calling out scams and shitty product is “being bitter”, so be it. not as bitter as the bars, that’s for sure.

“each person is different and has different tastes” is only true up to some point. there are certain tastes that no human can actually possibly enjoy. so, you clearly lie about likeing the caramel bar. the only question is whether you lied yourself into thinking you like it.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

If you are unhappy with the JJ products why don’t you simply close this tab, find a product that suits your needs and be happy ever after?