White bread (100 g)

Jackpot. White bread contains simple carbs, which when digested quickly, cause spikes in blood sugar and make you feel hungry sooner. Simply put: try to eat brown bread instead.

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Any evidence of blood sugar spikes being unhealthy? :blush:

There are associations between some chronic diseases and high-glycemic-index diets. The glycemic index is a scale that classifies foods based on their impact on blood glucose levels. Low-GI foods (such as whole-wheat bread or our meals) are slowly digested and absorbed, resulting in a modest and gradual increase in blood glucose. As a result, they are preferred over foods with a high glycemic index, which induces a rapid rise and fall in blood glucose levels (refined carbs like white flour = white bread).

Why do we want to choose low-GI foods to high-GI foods? Food addiction may be triggered by high GI carbs, according to some research sources. Cravings will be triggered as blood glucose levels drop from their high peaks. Then we’ll consume more food (usually sweet food) to achieve the same glucose peaks as previously. Complex carbohydrates are metabolized for a long time when we eat low GI foods. The glucose will enter the bloodstream gradually, reducing cravings and maintaining blood glucose levels low. Chronic disorders such as cardiovascular diseases or Diabetes type 2 are linked to high blood glucose diets and hyperglycemia.