Getting chocolate Twenny Bars back in stock in US


I’ve been hoping to restock on chocolate Twenny Bars, but they’ve been out of stock in the US web store for multiple weeks. Is there an ETA when they’ll be back?

I would expect it should be soon. As they should have arrived in the shipping they did at the start of the month, which includes the new formula of Plenny Shake and Plenny Drink as well. I would assume the shipping has arrived but they are still processing

Hi There,

Great question!
LatestFuels is correct, we included both flavours of the Twenny Bar in our re-stock shipment.
The container arrived at our fulfilment facility in LA.
Restocking takes a little bit longer than it normally would because of the BFCM weekend but everything will be shipped out in the upcoming days.

Twenny Bars are coming!