Logout link broken

Seems that the logout link on the top right of the forum pages is broken: it redirects to the same page you’re on and should redirect to https://www.jimmyjoy.com/logout, I guess.
Also, little dead link in the guidelines page, the link to the site feedback category should be https://forum.jimmyjoy.com/c/support/general-feedback.
(sorry, just realized I should have posted that in the Feedback section, fixed)

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Ah, thanks! I’ll make sure that’s looked into!

So either there was a problem on my side, or the logout link has been fixed, but it’s working anyway for me now. Thanks @olivia.
FYI the feedback 404 error remains to be fixed.

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The dead link in the guidelines page is still there. :yum:

@truck Whoops! I’ll pass it on again and have that fixed. Thanks for pointing it out (again) :slight_smile: .


Sorry; the guidelines page wasn’t high on my list, as I’m completely overhauling it, by writing a very fancy Code of Conduct, jimmyjoy-plennyshake style.

Nonetheless, this was indeed something that should’ve been fixed sooner. It now has been fixed. :slightly_smiling: Thank you for reporting!

Could somebody else be kind enough to double check the link (and confirm I’m not completely delusional), so I can close this topic?

Thanks @olivia and @TheYsconator, works for me. :+1: