13-Jan-16: Forum Maintenance and Improvements

The forum will undergo maintenance on Wednesday, the thirteenth of January, 2016.

Hey there! :slightly_smiling:

Some of you may have seen my name and weird avatar lingering around on this forum, but for those who haven’t; I’ve been active on this place since the beginning. In the short amount of time this forum has been live, it has grown into a very friendly community of more than 50 users.

When browsing through this forum, I got the idea that it was sometimes a bit unclear as to where people should post certain topics. I’ve contacted @olivia about this, which led to the changes listed below.

Changes planned for Wednesday, the thirteenth of January, 2016

  • User groups will now be used more. For example; you’ll be able to reach all CS staff using @customer_support. More information on groups might be written in the future, if people are interested;
  • In the Customer Support category, the creator of a topic and CS staff will have the ability to mark a reply as being ‘the answer’, allowing you to easily find an answer to a question that has already been asked;
  • A new forum structure will be implemented over the course of the day. Topics will be moved around to their new categories, and it might happen that some categories get locked until the moving around has been finished. This might cause inconvenience, I know, and I hope it turns out to be worth it. I will post the planned structure below; you can comment if you’ve got any advice. (Nothing better than shiny advice! Except for jimmyjoy-plennyshake Apple Pie, maybe.)

Planned structure

  • Support
  • Announcements and Rules
  • Customer Support
  • General Feedback
  • Community
  • Taste-tinkering (everything related to tastes)
  • General Discussion
  • Random
  • Off Topic

More categories are planned for later, but time will tell if they are really needed.