Black friday/Cyber monday?

Hey, do you plan on having discounts for upcoming Black friday and/or Cyber monday?

It appears that Jimmy Joy has a Black Friday promotion, however I just tried and the coupon says it is expired!
Edit: Answer… Because its to be used next Friday, and today is still Thursday. :slight_smile:
So, tomorrow we get a 10% Discount, thank you Jimmy Joy ! :smile:

The US warehouse is still out of Twenny bars though it seems.

That’s correct! You can order them from our regular webshop though :slight_smile: shipping only is 5-10 euros to the US, depending on how much you order!

Which coupon is that? I didn’t see it anywhere

Just enter BLACKFRIDAY on the coupon and you will get the discount.

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Missed out on our Black Friday sale? It’s Cyber Monday, 10% OFF on all Jimmy Joy products until UTC-8 11:00 AM. Code: CYBER MONDAY.

I just tried to put in my order for cyber Monday but alas, the coupon expired. :frowning:

Oh noes! Sorry - something must’ve gone wrong with our coupon code. Just send us a message at so we can make this up to you :slight_smile: