Black Friday Discount and Happy Holidays!

What’s up everyone! Tim from Jimmy Joy here with a little holiday announcement: we know the holiday season is expensive and exhaustive enough already, so Jimmy Joy has got your back. Tomorrow we’ll have a pretty sweet deal for Black Friday, so you can save yourself some shekels and some time. The promotion will last 24 hours, starting tonight at 00:00 CET, so keep an eye on our social media for more info. Happy holidays!


HI - how do I use the Black Friday code on my Subscription?

With subscriptions, there’s already a 15% discount applied. The 15% site-wide discount we have now is for the single purchases.
With every subscription order this week, we will ship out a limited edition Stainless Steel Scoop and donate 20% of our profits to Pachama (
If you have a code you want to have applied to your subscription, feel free to check in with us through the Live Chat or via