Blackfriday is only 10% off

Hi, code blackfriday is only giving me 10% off, not the 25% promised. I plan to spend at least $550 but want to make sure I get the 25%. Please advise.

Yeah, i saw the same issue, I confirmed that 1 time puchases are 23% discount but subscribe doesn’t…

Math can be complicated. Marketing can be complicated. The combination can be horrific.

Good deal or bad deal depends on how you look at it.

I am also a bit disappointed about the use of numbers in the marketing, but decided to go for it anyways, since my calculations show that 10% isn’t so bad after all.

First of all I waited for Black Friday anyway, hoping for a discount.

I ordered 90 bags. Without discounts or subscriptions that would end up at €550,80.
Going with a normal subscription that ends up at €468.

Say for arguments sake that jj would have given 25% discount on that, the discount would have been €117.

Instead we get 10% off the subscription price. That is a saving of €46.8.

Disappointing, right?

But did you notice that the discount would be applied to the first three subscription orders?

Assuming you get the exact same order the next two times in your subscription, your saving ends up at €46.8 times three, giving a total discount of €140.4.

I’ll take €140 over €117 any day.

My conclusion: the deal is better than 25% off once, but the marketing message could be better.


Jens explained it pretty well.

Sorry for the confusion!