Black Friday sale at Jimmy Joy!

Hey all,

It’s the time of year to give back! This year we teamed up with Pachama. They Harness AI to drive carbon capture and protect global forests. How do they do this, you ask?

Reduce - Emissions reduction is not enough. We need to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Draw down - Forests are the most proven, scalable, and cost-effective means of drawing down atmospheric carbon.

Mesure - Forests are underutilized due to the absence of reliable data. Pachama’s technology changes that.

We will donate 20% of profits that are made during our Black Friday event from 22/11 till 29/11.

What else?

We launched a new flavour! (yes, again. Now a total of 10 flavours) the much requested caramel sea salt. We already offer the best bang for your buck, but this year we are throwing in 15% off on single purchases. The discount is automatically applied.

And for everyone who gets a subscription, we have something extra. A branded stainless steel scoop!


Ah, here is the answer to the scoop thing. My sub doesn’t renew for a few weeks. Do I need to bump it up to get the hard-on scoop? :smiley:

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All subscriptions going out between now and 30/11 will contain a stainless steel scoop


Looks fancy - is it the same capacity as the usual scoops?

Thanks! Yes - 1 scoop holds about 200 kcal/50g.

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Now that the black friday is over, can we expect the steel scoop to appear on the website anytime soon? As a reward or an everyone-can-buy product :flushed:

For now, this has been a very limited edition item, so no, there are no plans to put this on the website for good at the moment.

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Awh snap! Having my fingers crossed for the future then haha

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