Black Friday Rewards Week 🤑

Hi there,

We love a good bargain! But because of socioeconomic and environmental reasons, we’re not really into the discount delirium surrounding Black Friday.

Still, we don’t want you to suffer just because of us. You deserve a little something something!
So until November 28 we will….

:white_check_mark: Increase your refer-a-friend discount from €10 to €15!
:white_check_mark: Double your Time Tokens!

All you need is a Jimmy Joy account and you’re ready to go.

Get that deal! :link:

Awsome. I just double my subscription order.


I am at Time traveler level so I get 3x points/$. Is that x2 now. So 6x points/$.


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Was the steel scoop fixed though? Didnt it have the wrong size?

Also, we need more merch. I cant keep ordering T-shirts. All in all we need some form of apparel, stickers and such, that actually communicates the JJ mission. Current shirts are very generic, doesnt really communicate anything, and the stickers are very much an inside joke. The steel shaker is uncomfy to use because it isnt isolated, and the scoop isnt the right size. Using the points on discounts is just boring :see_no_evil:

If you are a time traveler and you purchase during BFCM then the points are doubled like you described :rocket:

Hi, how often are Limited edition flavors available? I think I read somewhere it was usually around Christmas

Hi Elizabeth, we have no plans on introducing a limited flavour.

on the bright side, we’ve been launching a new product or flavour pretty much every month for the past 3 months.

Is there any specific flavour you’d like to see? I can pass it on to our R&D department.

Wouldn’t it be funny if someone looked at the rewards your showed in the first email you sent about this on Monday and decided to splurge, and then looked at the second email you sent on Friday and noticed that their doubled tokens will net them only 55% of the Plenny Shakes they thought they would get?