I received food not good since 08/08

hi sorry for my bad english im not good with this language, im french !

i received food not good since 08/08, its dangerous no ? How i can send picture of my package here ?

thanks you

You mean from the 08th of August? Obviously JJ was not around in 2008. Even if it was the 8th of August, that would mean that they were using the old bags. What kind of bag do you have? If it is the new ones (which it should), the expiration date is different.

To send the image click upload on the tool menu above the text area.Random

I am pretty sure your package expiration date is different.

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That is weird. Could you show the whole bag. Did you get it on sale?

production date is 08-2019 and expiry date is 08-2019. Sorry for the confusion.

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