I'd love a plenny bar sample box

Actually, it could be awesome for any of your products which are individually packed, but specially for plenny bars.
You’re making new flavours, and I’d love to try them all, but, being a student, I can’t afford a whole box of a new flavour that I could not like and which, after trying, I can no longer take back.
I woldn’t mind if the unit has a slightly higher price than when you buy the whole single flavour box.
Is it possible?

This has happened to me too with the new plenny pots. They look tasty but I’m unsecure about which to choose and if I would like it.
Pleeeeaase, think about it! It could be like a starter box but for just 1 type of product!


So I just made an order in esjoy and I was gladly surprised when I found out that you could add a sample pack of plenny bars and plenny pots before the checkout. I happily added them, and, when I signed up, they dissapeared. It appears that you can only add them if you’re not a client yet.
That hurts my feelings.
Precisely those who already buy stuff from you would love to be able to try the new flavors so they can extend their food range. Also, in the plenny bar sample pack you haven’t added the new ones.
I saw an ad of another brand (I can’t recall the name, although I’ll look for it) which had an interesting alternative. They had boxes in which, when selected, you were presented with a list of all their products, and you could freely choose what you wanted (Like, for example, 20 ud) so you could choose, if wanted, 20 smoothies, or 20 bars, or 10 of each, and each of them could be from different flavors or the same one. I’m not saying that you had to do the same, since there’s a big difference between each product price, BUT imagine to have the possibility to be able to order a box with 12 bars, but maybe 2 of each flavor, or to be able to choose form which flavors you want a sample (with a minimum number)

I don’t like chocolate and coffee is quite bad for me, so the sample that I saw (whichIcouldn’torderbecauseI’macustomer, yes, I won’t forgive you) it wasn’t really interesting for me. However, I would love to try the other flavors…

I feel the same! Bought the coffee bars box to taste it and there are too many since I didn’t like it in the end…, with the time you get use to it but yeah it’s not my favorite… If there was a box with one bar per flavor we could test them all, before purchasing the full box. :smiley:
Now hype is very high with the pizza flavor!! I want to test it, but I still have bars in the shelf and what if I don’t like it??
Also yes, the same with the plenny pots. I want to try them all, but 1, just in case…! You know, I trust you… but there are tastes and colors for everybody!!

Thank you for your work and new products!

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Same problem with most brands actually, they loose a lot of customers by not offering this for sure, or actually making customers angry when wasting money on big packages just to try a new flavour. Not very sustainable either when you have to throw away the ones you just can’t finish. There should definitely be more starter packs with one of each flavour.

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I agree so much. I like some of the flavours, but recently I had more bad experiences. I tried the coffee hazelnut one, which tastes awfully artificial in my opinion, and struggled with the whole box. I did give it a fair chance, I tried to eat all of them, but usually threw away the second half of the bars as I just couldn’t force down than more than that. Then I just received the Pizza bar today, which is not really willing to go down either. I don’t even have friends who would appreciate products like this, so I guess I’ll try again 11 more times and grow to hate JJ altogether.

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Welcome Moesko,
I’m sure you’ll find your JimmyJoy flavor!
I was surprised with my last order that there are options now to test new flavors! Thank you guys!
I ordered a test box of the plennypots (2 of each flavor) and I was about to order the plenny bar combo to test the pizza, but in the end, as I already tested the fig and coffee bars… I went for a full box of Pizza, reviews look good…!