Did anybody already receive one of the new Plenny Bar v3.0 flavors?

And if yes, what’s the flavor and how did you like it?

I got a vanilla bar and since vanilla is my favorite bar I was looking forward to know if something relevant changed.
My impression was that it is pretty similar to the old ones but if something changed, than it was slightly worse than before. The taste felt nearly identical but the texture was a bit off, at least a bit. Kind of like it was not grinded and mixed thoroughly enough.

PS: sorry, this was not about the new flavors as I just recognized when reading your question again.


No worries, I am curious to hear about that, too! Vanilla is my 2nd place, salty caramal is my favourite. So of course I also realy hope that it didn’t get worse.
Personally I wouldn’t mind if the bars were crunchier, so I hope that’s what you experienced with less grinded. I am very curious to see. And healther is definitely good. Could you share how much sugar they have now? I hope it got less…

Oh and did you get a single/one bar or multiple bars?

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I got a single bar in a white label-free package. Hence I can’t tell anything about its ingredients.

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Completely blank? These Bars were indeed in white packaging, but it should have mentioned the flavour on it.
Any ideas after tasting what the flavour could have been maybe?

He wrote in the post above that he received a vanilla bar.
@DanielJJ Do you know if the amount of sugar was changed?

I tried to say that it didn’t have ingredients written on it. But yes, it was labeled what kind of taste, which version and what shelf life it has.


The v3 will be a bit crunchier and a tad softer in texture. I can’t say too much about the ingredients just yet, but we’re going to replace maltodextrin. The v2 has no added sugar and it will stay like that for the v3.


Not a maltodextrin hater here, but I remember you already announced the ingredient that’s replacing it, and the change is welcomed.

Also, there will be three new flavours, and all of the old ones replaced with V3 too? Or just V3 for the new ones? :thinking:

I hoped that just one person would post a new flavor :slight_smile:

I tried the new caramel. I’m sad to say that if this is going to be how 3.0 is, I will be cancelling my subscription. Which is really saying much because I’ve had a bar every morning for several years now. Both texture and flavour are negatively affected in my opinion, I could hardly finish it.

The same change (replacing maltodextrin with rice) was also the reason why I couldn’t stomach one of the plenny shake powder flavours anymore before.

I’m going to have to settle for a way less healthy breakfast. :frowning:

Oh noes :frowning: I am going to order two boxes of caramel sea salt v2.0 right away. I really hope I have a different experience than you with v3.0…

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@Nino When will you launch Plenny Bar V3.0 and is the product final or are you collecting feedback from customers? I really liked about plenny bar that they were on the harder side, all other bars are too soft in my taste.

I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:

When working on new formulas we always try to make them as healthy as scientifically possible. Taste comes at a very close second place. It’s incredibly difficult to nail down nutritional improvements while keeping the taste 100% the same. We do try of course and I feel our team succeeded with the Plenny Bar v3.

I’m sure you’ll like the new ones too. They are just a tad softer. To get all of the nutritional value into the same size bar without increasing the size is very difficult. So the v3 is about the same size whilst being a little bit crunchier.

I got apple strudel, haven’t tried it yet, will let you know what it’s like when I do.

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Apple strudel sounds great! I expect Apple + cinnemon, amazing idea.

@Nino are you planning on including the three new flavors in the sampler box? Would be great for trying out all of them :slight_smile:

Are these new bars still being sent with new orders? Because I placed an order on 17 june and I have not received a new plenny bar with my order.

Sadly no :frowning: I asked the support and they told me they are already shipped all they had :frowning: I ordered three days ago, so no chance… sad that they had so few of them.

I received an apple strudel one. I liked it. The taste felt very similar to the Apple Cinnamon shake, so if you like the shake you will probably like the bar too.

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