[EU] NEW! Two Plenny Bar flavours (Almond&Fig / Hazelnut&Coffee)

What better time to announce two nutty flavours than during No Nut November? :chipmunk:

Say hello to the highly-anticipated Almond&Fig / Hazelnut&Coffee!

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New Plenny Bar Flavours for EU

:microscope: Nutritionally complete meals - 20g of plant protein, 400 kcal, a good balance of omega 3 and 6, slow-releasing carbs, fibers, and of course all 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

:chocolate_bar: Tasty & natural - They are naturally flavoured with dried fruit, real nuts, and real ground coffee. The Almond & Fig bar contains 17% real almonds and 8% delicious figs.

:moneybag: Unbeatable price - Starting at just €2,13 per meal our Plenny Bars are the perfect affordable solution for those on-the-go moments.

:seedling: 100% vegan - So you know they are good for you and for the planet.

Go check them out on https://jimmyjoy.com/products/plenny-bar and let us know what you think!


Any updates on the release of the pizza bar?? :drooling_face:

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Currently still in development :slight_smile:


I’ve just updated my next shipment (for december) with the coffee bars to try them. I would try the pizza bars too, so whenever they’re available I’ll add it to my basket.
Thanks for making more options available and keep up the good work!

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Marketing tip: Bait every fish!

Just put 1 free bar of the new flavors in every bar subscriber’s next shipment and see how many get on the hook.

Love that you went for the rice syrup Version for the fig. You should have it in all of your products or at least alternative versions. (╹◡╹) great work.

I ran out of bars and had faith in jimmy joy, so I ordered two boxes and was not disappointed. The fig almond bar is amazing and I am looking forward to the coffee bar in the morning!

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Coffee hazelnut: also awesome.

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haha good to hear you are enjoying the new flavours.

The Almond & Fig is my absolute favorite :smiley: It’s difficult not to eat too many.

Got them as gift in a previous order. Not impressed… Won’t order them.

I’d rather you work on the chocolate bar which is not bad but doesn’t taste like chocolate…
Need something that taste like a brownie :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

What do you mean?
I think the other bars use rice syrup too :thinking:

Will it ever be possible to order a sample instead of having to purchase a box of 12 without knowing whether you’ll like the taste?

Or even purchase 1 box with all different flavours?

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Yeah, I’d like that too!
The other day I got a prompt while adding other things (the other bars, specifically) to the cart, but wasn’t ready to buy yet, so I didn’t catch it and now I can’t see it anymore :sob:

It was an “add two bars to your order and try these new flavours” kind of thing. That would be helpful, the opportunity bro add individual flavours to try them first without making s big commitment of a whole box. Just in case.

For now we’ll sell these badboys in 12-packs, but we’re also creating sample packs so you can mix and match. More on that soon! For now you can get Plenny Bar sample packs as add-ons when you’re placing an order via jimmyjoy.com :smiley:

The coffee bars are simply amazing! I am totally obsessed! :heart_eyes:

How subjective taste can be. I love coffee and I like hazelnuts but I really can’t stand or stomach the coffee/hazelnut-bars. I even have a package with still 8 bars here and I will have to throw them away because I do not know anyone who would be interested. But if anyone wants to pay for shipping, I will gladly give them away.

Such a pitty, I absolutely LOVE that flavor :pleading_face: But unfortunately I‘m from Germany, the shipping would be super expensive :frowning_face:

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vielleicht gar nicht mal so sehr :wink:
schreibe mich mal direkt an, eventuell finden wir eine Lösung

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I finally tried the new flavours.

I hate, like really hate figs, but somehow I enjoyed the Almond & Figs bar. Definitely will buy again.

Perhaps my least favorite was Hazelnut Coffee. Not hate it, still would buy it but maybe not as often as the others.

And Pizza. Wow! That was… Strange :sweat_smile:
To eat something like that, savoury, in a bar form.
But I really like it.

Good job with these new flavours :clap:t2:

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That’s awesome! Very glad to hear you like the new flavours <3 Anything you can give us some feedback on? How to improve the Hazelnut Coffee flavour, perhaps?