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Almond and Fig Plenny Bar

Hi there, I just received two free sample of new flavours for Plenny Bar and as thanks I thought I’d share my feedback.

I just ate the Almond and Fig bar and I have to say I was very surprised! Just for background information I ordered the Sea Salt Caramel Bar in the past and wasn’t a big fan. It felt too heavy, too salty, I really struggled to finish them and I still have a couple laying about in my pantry…

But this was completely different, it was VERY tasty (loved finding and biting into full almonds here and there) and I was kind of sad when I finished it simply because I liked it so much. But I also feel completely satisfied with no desire to eat more, so it was really perfect.

Kinda made me curious to try the new vanilla and chocolate flavors, I had written them off due the experience with the salty caramel bars…

The other bar I got is coffee and hazelnuts, I’m a little hesitant because I am not a fan of hazelnut coffee, but I’ll give it a try in the coming days. Thanks.

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So the cat is out of the bag!

Almond & Fig
Coffee & Hazelnut

At first impression, not what I expected and not the biggest fan (especially of figs :dizzy_face:, and the coffee one it’s not super exciting because everyone is doing it) but I’d surely like to try.

Thanks for the info :+1:t2:

So, no peanut butter :frowning:

We have a bar in the works that might even surprise you! :wink: We can’t wait to present it.

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Me neither! I love surprises :sweat_smile:

I just got the hazelnut and coffee flavour in my order, no fig bar. At first the coffee flavour tasted really good, but as I ate the bar the hazelnut kicked in and it left a weird aftertaste. I think if it were sweeter or just coffee it would be delicious. I think pure hazelnut + coffee are a bit too strong, competitive flavours.

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My GF also got only the hazelnut and coffee, but for us it was delicious, I probably wouldn’t like it if it were sweeter.

I just got my package, and I agree the fig and almond (v6) would be a go for me, maybe a tinsy tiny bit of extra suggar flavor but that may be my sweet tooth talking ^^. I currently place it above the chocolate and bellow the vanilla (which is a killer) in my plenny bar top list.
I still have to test the coffee & hazzelnuts as a tea guy, I’m not sure what it will taste for me.

So I finally tried the coffee and hazelnut bar.

Unfortunately as expected I pretty much hated it haha. I’ve always disliked coffee hazelnut flavor in everything, so at the very least I can say it tasted as expected, which is a plus if you do like hazelnut coffee flavor :sweat_smile:

I would however 100% order the fig bar when they are released :smile: can’t wait :heart_eyes:

Here’s an opinion from a caramel sea salt fan, about Almond & Fig and Hazelnut & Coffee

Almond & Fig:
It reminds me of trying to eat dates (the fruit), though that might be because I don’t think I ever ate figs. They both tend to be kind of sticky, and hard to chew through, though the definitely benefit here is that everything actually CAN be bit through. I’m not a huge fan, though I didn’t dislike it either. I liked that there were big nuts in there (get your mind out of the gutter). There were some smaller crunchy bits I could not identify, which tended to get stuck on my teeth somehow.

Hazelnut & Coffee v16
Also kind of tough to chew through, but that didn’t really bother me by the end. In this case I did like the smaller crunchy bits, and didn’t have the problem described above. Somehow the smell of eating this one reminded me more of cigarettes than coffee, though I haven’t ever drunk coffee or smoked, so how could I know. I had to get used it.

Overall I much prefer caramel sea salt, though I think the crunchy parts of the Hazelnut & Coffee are something I think might work in all the bars.

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I have actually never ordered the bars before, only shakes, but after tasting these two new bars I will definitely order some in the future!

Almond & Fig: It is mainly what I would expect from a fig bar, but then the full-sized almonds in it are really nice. They create more of a bite, contrary to the more squishy fig parts of the bar. The only improvement for me would be to make it less sweet, but I suppose that would be difficult when using figs as a main component.

Hazelnut & Coffee: At first I found it a little dry, but after a couple of bites I actually appreciate the crunchiness. This makes it less heavy, which is nice considering the quite intense taste. I also like how it has a proper balance between sweet and salt, so you don’t get bored so fast (as I do with the vanilla taste shake, for example). I wouldn’t really know what too improve, keep it up!


Aaaaawesome, thanks for taking the time to post this <3

Glad to hear your overall impression was this good!