New Plennybars review

Almond and Fig v6: Overall good taste and texture and I like the chunky almonds in there but in my opinion the fig aromas are a little too subtle. Would buy this bar from time to time.

Almond and Fig v11: Tastes very similar to v6 but with a little more fig aromas, which I like. Overall an improvement to v6.

Hazelnut and Coffee bar v16: Not a huge fan but it’s also not terrible. In my opinion, the coffee flavor is too pronounced while the hazelnut falvor is too faint. Would love to see their flavor profiles swapped, so more hazelnut and less coffee flavor, please! What I really don’t like about this bar is that it leaves an aftertaste in your mouth which reminds me of burned stuff or cigarette smoke, which is obviously not nice. With a little more tweaking, this bar could be very nice but as it is right now, it’s a no for me.

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Appreciate you taking the time to write this! Hope to get more reviews for a bit of an overview, consensus :smiley:

We also just received ours and tried them instantly.

The Almond Fig V6: Great taste, could be a bit sweater actually.

The Almond Fig V11: This is the One. Especially since it has rice sirup instead of sucralose which my gf can’t eat. Please make this the one.

The hazelnut coffe V16: Great snack for when you are too lazy to make an actual coffee (which I technically never am, but who knows). I could see myself eating one during lunch or breakfast.

Sadly, we are not big fans of the choco / vanilla ones, but the sea salt one is still no. 1.

But we could see ourselves adding 1 box each to our subscription.

Overall, great work and thanks for the test products. :slight_smile:

I want to review them but sadly I didn’t get my free bars to try in my last week’s order.

Alright! Got my sample bars in my order today. Immediately took to the Hazelnut Coffee V16.
Note: I’ve never eaten a Plennybar before, so had no idea what to expect. Here’s a “first” first impression.

Smell: Allbeit faint, the slight coffee/cocao-ish smell is pretty ok. A bit bitter and reminded me of wet coffee grounds from yesterday.

Texture: I was surprised by the toughtness of the bar and the amount of effort it took to bite/break off a piece. Not a problem once I got used to it and the crunchy chewing experience was pleasant!

Taste: Again, never having tasted Plennybars before the only experience I could relate to was the regular store bought muesli bars or protein bars. The flavor quite strongly hit me and the aforementioned “wet coffee grounds from yesterday” hit my tastebuds. Took quite some time for me to get used to it, and the ashy bitter undertones were always present, much like the “cigarette smoke” taste OP described. The last few bites in I wasn’t quite as bothered by it anymore but I will admit that this would not be the first bar I’d order. (tall claim by someone who hasn’t tasted the others yet :smiley:)

Value: Though I received the samples for free, I wanted to reflect on this a bit. A full (light) meal in a bar with a well tuned nutrient profile, for the price of about 2€ per bar. I think this doesn’t get much better. If you’re making a choice to eat these, you’re most likely in it for other reasons than the taste and for that purpose they are fantastic. Myself I enjoy the convenience of the Plennyshakes more as I can just pour 'em down my throat, but even on the basis of this bar which I did not enjoy that much, I might start throwing in a few Plennybars on my orders next time.

Will report back after I’ve gone through the Almond & Fig ones.


In that case I’m afraid that all of them must’ve already been shipped out :frowning:

Great to get a first impression on here, it really helps to get a fresh perspective on them! :smiley:

Just finished eating Fig & Almond V6. Keeping my first experience with Plennybars from yesterday in mind, I was expecting the unexpected in terms of flavors. First impression of this one is a lot better though!

Smell: Pleasant and faint. represents the flavors it touts on the wrapper. I did pick up on a “salty” smell however, more on that soon.

Texture: I expected this to be the same as the Coffee bar, which indeed is quite true. Do have to note that it feels like a bit of a workout for my jaw muscles to get through these things, and I’m a professional singer :sweat_smile:
The chewyness and crunchyness was pleasant though.

Taste: As soon as my tongue touched the bar, the saltyness of the bar tingled my tongue. The first bite confirmed it: this bar is more salty that I would have ever expected. Not sure about the actual sodium content, or if it’s a way of the ingredients playing together. But the first few bites I was thinking “Damn, this is salty”. One my brain equalized itself to anticipate the saltiness the flavor came together really well. Pruny/Figgy & Nutty flavor with no strange undertones. Very much like a granola bar you’d pick up from a supermarket.

Overall: While having concerns about the salty sensations I picked up from the bar, I think it overall works pretty well. I could see myself looking forward to having one of these as a snack during the day.


Interesting point with the saltiness. I don’t have the information available, but I will see if I can find out the sodium content. Anybody else here notice this kind of saltiness?

Last and most definitely not the least. Almond & Fig V11.

Smell: This bar has a stronger smell than the others I tried, and it’s great. Smells good and very appetizing.

Texture: Softer than the others and easier to bite into and tear off pieces. Feels a bit less dense and I spend less time chewing it.

Taste: :tada:This is the one :tada: I can’t fault the flavor in any way. It’s very natural and not overpowering in any way whatsoever. First few bites I did perceive a salty aftertaste again, but this subsided after a few bites.

I really enjoyed eating this one!