New Plenny Bar Flavours

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to share my review of the new PlennyBar flavours. I ordered just when they got released and got to try them today.

Caramel Sea Salt: This was the reason I’ve been so eagerly awaiting the new flavours. Loved the texture and the flavour profile. Not too salty for me like some other reviewers pointed out.

Vanilla: Fantastic flavour. If you like the vanilla plenny shakes, this is like a dense crunchy version of it. Very nice and in my opinion much nicer than the Twennybar counterpart.

Chocolate: This is where you have outdone yourself. Absolutely fantastic flavour. The crunch combined with the cacao nibs, which are just the right amount, not too overpowering, is absolutely great. Not too sweet also. It’s even better than the twennybar, which I loved. And vegan, too, what’s not to like.

Really great job!


Thanks @Dannycopter ! It’s always very exciting to release new products because one never knows how they will be received. I’m glad we met your expectations!

Thanks for the great review. Looks like I’ll have to splurge and get some of these new flavours in the next order <3

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perhaps you should :smirk:

I have just tried a plenny bar (vanilla) and was really good, even surprisingly better than similar products from other companies. Great taste, texture, even the smell!


I got the new chocolate Plenny bar with my order, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. It tastes like some chocolate candy with mild fruit flavoring, which I’m not a fan of and the taste is distracting. The aftertaste seems like I had eaten plain wheat grains.

I received a test version of a chocolate plenny bar back in August 2019 and it was just right, which is why this one was disappointing. What was changed?

So glad to hear it!! Thanks for taking the time to share <3

Sorry to hear that :frowning: Me made changes based on our own taste panels because we believe in selling what we believe is the best product. So sorry to hear that you didn’t found them improvements! Have you tried the Vanilla bar? Perhaps that’s an alternative :slight_smile: