*NEW Plenny Bar - Vanilla

In the coming weeks we will give away Plenny Bar with Vanilla flavour in boxes of subscribers. If you happen to have received one please share your opinion here.


I think it’s alright. It doesn’t taste all that much vanilla, but it’s not bad. I’ve seen others having thoughts about the “dryness” but, I don’t think the dry-ness is a problem.

Also, it’s very saturating (is that the correct word in english? :joy:). I can probably drink 3+ plenny drinks without a problem in one go (so at least 1200 kcal; those taste so good I can drink until I explode, though…), and 1000 kcal with plenny shake is also no problem if I’m hungry. But it feels like it’d be WAY harder to eat 1000+ kcal in bar-form.

I’ll probably buy some bars in the future. It most likely won’t replace Plenny Shake as the #1 nutrition-source, but I can see some situations where a bar would be preferable.

Of course, my opinion of it would probably change if I started living exclusively on bars for a week or two. That’s probably not going to happen, though. It’d take too much time compared to drinking :joy:

Edit: My father (which I don’t think have tried any JJ-products before) tried it, and he liked it very much. He liked the taste and that it wasn’t so sweet

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Thanks for sharing your feedback Sigmund! And for sharing it with your father :blush:

We just ate ours (vanilla v9):

When it comes to nutrional value I am a bit disappointed since the carbohydrates are down but the sugars are increased in the new bar, and there is quite a lot less fibre in it. When it comes to taste, the previous vanilla bar was more creamy. The new bar is harder to chew, despite the fact that there is more fat in it. However, the vanilla flavor itself is much richer in this new bar. So, I definitely think that when it comes to the flavor itself, the new bar is an improvement.

I like the new taste and crunchiness :D. Did not really like the previous vanilla bar, but I could see myself eating this one daily. Also like the new shape!


I tried the vanilla today and I liked it a lot better than the chocolate one :slight_smile: It was not as dry. I’d probably order some to take with me when I’m out and about.

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I have just tried the Plennybar Vanilla v9 and sadly I wasn’t that excited by it. It just tasted like a crispy oaty flapjack with virtually no vanilla flavour. I think it needs something to make it more exciting to eat. Thanks for sending me one though. Sorry my feedback couldn’t be more positive.

I see fluroride has been excluded from this product. I think this is the correct decision. Do you intend to replace the Twennybar with the Plennybar? If you are going to sell both products, are you going to remove fluroride from the Twennybar?

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Today I tried for the first time Twenny Bar Vanilla (OLD) and Plenny Bar Vanilla (NEW).

Both the old bar and the new tasted similar. didn’t find much difference there which isn’t a bad thing. They didn’t taste very sweet but were far from being bland. Overall very pleasant and I have no complaint for the taste.

Here is where the first improvement comes into play. The old plenny bars had a texture that almost gave you a slight crunch. The new Plenny Bar has a very noticeable crunch in every bite which was very satisfying to eat. They were also more firm than the old bars, which is nice for the initial bite and chewing, I didn’t find them to be dry in any way.

I noticed that the shape of the old and new bars differ a bit. The old bars being taller and fatter with the new bars being flatter and wider. This is a nice change as they are easier to take smaller bites out of for those that want to eat them at a slower pace.

I see now that the new Plenny bars are almost identical to Plenny Shake 2.1 in terms of vitamin/mineral quantities, compared to the old Twenny Bars that were a bit out dated. This is excellent as I was put off in the past ordering Twenny bars as the Shakes were way ahead in terms of optimal nutrition.

Overall I would say the changes have been all positive.


I have some questions regarding the new Plenny Bars;

  1. I noticed my bar was v9 and seeing Joey’s replies on here I can see they are currently on v11 in testing. Would you guys be able to share any major or noticeable changes you are making to the bars? Would love to see a change-log of sorts.

  2. Is the recipe going to be updated every now and again after they are launched? e.g. altering their vitamin/mineral quantities/sources as your research progresses.

  3. Will they be the same price as the current Twenny Bars or are they going to have their own price? I would imagine it would be slightly higher if it is going to be different.

Many thanks for the sample.


The vanilla bar is perfect and I am in love. The chewiness and crunchiness are very acceptable, so the bar feels like a substantial amount of food. And the taste is great! It has a very obvious vanilla identity, while not being too forced or too sweet. It’s right in the sweet spot (pardon the pun) and I can’t think of any way to improve it. Great job!


Amazing, so glad to hear this :smiley: It makes us very happy :slight_smile:

Keep the feedback coming!

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I got two vanilla bars in my big bag order. I think the flat shape is an improvement, since these kind of bars require more chewing than a candy bar, and I often would bite over too much of the old bar from old habit with snickers bar and the like. I love the crispiness, and I also think it’s the perfect amount of crispiness. It’s just less of a chore to chew each bite properly.

Now I’m used to all kinds of workout supplements and stuff, so taste for me is not important. but this bar tastes good. Have you guys but some cinnamon or cardamom in the bar? either way, I must say I approve. It reminds of a christmas cake or something.

The old bars, where very thirst inducing. I almost had to water in between every bite just to finish a bar. This is also much better on the new bar I feel. I haven’t seen any nutritional info, usually I buy the active/sport shake for the higher protein content so even though 20g of protein is good, i wouldn’t mind a bar to match the Active shake.

The new bars also feels very easy to digest., My stomach is easlily upset from certain things but the new bar makes me feel well.

Overall I think the new bar is an improvement on all levels. I really like it.

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I come from huel and if i had decided to give jimmy joy a try, it’s because vanilia bar (current verion) is very low in sugar. The new bar is great at taste but it contains a lot of maltodextrin, why use this low quality carb? Why having changed this?
If the current bar disappears for this new maltodextrine bar, i really don’t see any interest on it.

Current version is just great and seems to be one of the best on market

For me the new version of Vanilla Twenny bars is big improvement. Loved it very much! I wanted more immediately I finished eating.
The old Vanilla Bar was ok - liked the fact that it’s compact which makes it easy for Hiking but didn’t really enjoy the taste - it was just “acceptable”. But this new tastes awesome! Also new “shape” (easier to bite) and consistency is much better.

Let us buy them already! :smiley:


Couldn’t agree more myself! Hope it won’t be too long before we can offer them via our webshop :slight_smile:

The aim is 8 weeks from now but could be postponed a little.

So the current vanilia bar is to disappear?
Don’t you think the new one is inferior nutritionally talking? (i’m not taking about taste)

The Twenny Bars will eventually cease to be made but not in a short timeframe. We want everyone to be able to have the time to switch and aim to persuade them with great bars. The Twenny Bar and Plenny Bar are both low in sugar 5,4 gr for a Twenny Bar and 6,2 for a Plenny Bar.

Edit: I just checked Huel Bar they have 16,4 grams of sugar per 400kcal compared to 6,2 in Plenny Bar.

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Maltodextrine is not listed as “sugar” on the nutrition facts

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I have just tried the V9 one I have received with my subscription. I was unaware I had to eat it earlier because there is already a V11 one.

I was happily surprised with the crunchy texture. I usually take my bars with me when hiking or sailing. Eating the Twenny bar is always a bit of a struggle without enough water available because of the dryness. I was able to eat the V9 Plenny bar without water. I also love the fact it has a lot of B12, which is a great as a vegetarian.

I would love to try more samples, as currently it would be the only way to enjoy the new bars ;).


I eat a lot of TwennyBar Chocolate and really like those (although for my taste could be a little less sugar, but that’s minor). The vanilla taste I did not like so much (although I like the vanilla shake the most)

I don’t remember 100% which version of Plenny Bar vanilla I got a few weeks ago but I liked it more than the TwennyBar Vanilla and even TwennyBar Chocolate. Would really love to get a chocolate sample as well and look forward to ordering the vanilla as soon as it comes out!

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

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