*NEW* Plenny Bar - Caramel Seasalt

Our new vegan bar is taking shape! From now on we are going to randomly include one Plenny Bar into orders of subscribers. If you happen to receive one, please let us know your opinion (L).

1 bar is 100 gram and contains 400 kcal. It has 26 vitamins and minerals and 20 gram of protein.

Macro’s of the current version:

First version design mock up:


It has 20% of all micronutrients.


I liked it. Nice surprise to find in my latest box. Like most Jimmy Joy products, it tastes a bit odd (the price of it containing everything, I think), but not bad. I guess it’s like an odd muesli bar. And I kind of like muesli bars, so I’d buy some more if I could ^_^.

I don’t have any specific suggestions for changes at the moment.


Thanks for your feedback. Could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘odd’? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the free bar! I have some feedback : -)

My impression is positive overall. I’d definitely pause my huel bar subscription to give these a try.

The flavour is well done. I found it hard to finish in the same way I find a salted caramel brownie hard to finish - I just find salted caramel a bit tiring and the bar is quite big (which is good! I like the size)

The texture of it is nice when chewing.

It looks weird because it’s so shiny. It looks greasy and feels weird on the lips as it leaves grease behind. If I was eating them in front of someone I’d probably feel the need to use a napkin. Were it not for that it looks better than a quest or a huel bar.

I found it a bit hard to swallow. The last piece got stuck in my throat, I had to go and drink some water. I have the same thing with huel bars, which are super dry by comparison.

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I liked it too. For me, this bar is the most tastiest of Jimmy Joy products.
Looking forward to buy it :slight_smile:

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great! good chewy texture and a tasty lightly salty bite. would probably add some to my sub.

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Was very pleasantly surprised to find this in my delivery today!


A four image gallery of some other images of the bar (I’m a new user on here so I can’t post more than one image).

My first impressions upon opening and holding the bar is how different it is from the previous jimmyjoy bars I’ve eaten. It’s very thin (images shown below) and as some other reviews have mentioned it’s more greasy and chewy than the previous bars. It’s not greasy greasy though, and actually as long as you eat it holding the bar in the packaging as you’re eating it, and you ensure have some water to wash it down with, I don’t think this will ever actually be a problem.

The taste and texture really caught me off guard. Long story short, it’s amazing! It’s got that crisp that I’ve loved from the other bars (pretty sure that’s the soya protein crisp, but I’m not completely sure). I was surprised at how wonderfully chewy it was, it has the consistency and the taste of a really good flapjack!

There is a strong taste that is quite hard to describe, like a flapjack but a bit more muted in the sweetness and more towards a tiny bit of tang (just my flavour profile). This is to say that it’s not bad and I actually really like it, but I don’t think I could eat more than one of these bars in a day without feeling bad about myself (it’s got that kind of sickly sweet kinda treat vibe to it, same with flapjacks). I could barely finish the bar I had in one go (it’s large and dense so there’s a lot to finish)!. The salt is also quite subtle and I can’t tell how much of it I was tasting compared to the other flavours.

I prefer it over the chocolate twennybar in the same way that I prefer a donut to a bagel (if that makes sense). I like both a lot but I could definitely eat more bagels than donuts before I feel bad about it :wink: I’ll definitely be adding a couple to future subscriptions, but definitely not in bulk like I have done with the previous bars!

Thanks for the bar guys! :smile: :heart:


Thank you for the elaboration, very insightful!

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I received one as well, and I really liked it :smile: a little salty, but that’s to be expected of the flavor of course. I usually don’t eat a lot of salt, so maybe that’s why it stood out to me a bit more. It levels out after a few bites though!

Texture wise I also enjoyed it, just the right amount of chewiness. It’s easy to eat too. Hopefully these will be available soon :heart:

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Hey, just finished eating the new bar. The texture is great, I also enjoyed the taste but it felt too salty to me (yeah i know it’s caramel seasalt, but still), also if I ate it without knowing what it was supposed to taste like I might have said liquorice rather than caramel (which is not a bad thing for me personally)

Overall, I really like it but I feel like the salt taste (and salt content) will probably end up not making me want to eat them on a daily basis, maybe once in a while. The same thing happened after I ate a lot of banana / vanilla and then tried the chai latte powder, the taste felt too ‘strong’ compared to the other ones.

In the end I’ve wanted vegan bars for years now so I’ll just take whatever I can get honestly.

thanks for the bar!


I have never tried any Plenny Bars so this was the first one I ate. I really liked the bar, the texture etc. I just don’t like caramel nor seasalt :smiley: I’d probably enjoy the other tastes a lot. Even without liking the taste I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. If it was a taste that I like then it would be 9/10 or 10/10.

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Really liked the taste and the texture. Would prefer it if it had only 200 calories and 20g of protein and that taste haha


Amazing feedback guys! keep it coming :green_heart:

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What a suprise to get this bar!

I got it.
I tasted it.
I doubted it.
I tasted it. Again.
I felt it.
I started to like it.
I love it!

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It was fine. Maybe too salty… Send more I like presents


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Plenny Bar

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Thank you, to all in your company for that great Plenny Bar prototype!

It is really a pleasure, I could really imagine buying it in future!

First of all, let me say thanks to you guys. You have really transformed the way I see nutrition. Therefore I am happy to have been able to try the new formula Caramel Seasalt bar and to provide you with helpful feedback.

I love the artwork of all your products and this one is another instant classic. The actual bar itself is neither visually appealing nor off-putting. The texture of the bar was very good. I was half expecting to bite into some salt grains. When I first tried it.

The flavours could have been a bit more predominant, especially the sea salt. I found the plenny bar to have a very specific aftertaste, almost sharp or at least not smooth. That is something that has irked me a tiny bit when trying the vanilla bar as well. I have not tried the chocolate variety though. I am going to add this bar to my regular shake order from time to time because I love the convenience.

Thanks for shaking up the industry. More powder to you!


In my opinion, the sea salt is too dominant. After finishing it, I had to drink some water to get rid of the salty after taste. On the other hand, I guess this is what distinguishes this bar from the other ones (I have not tried them so far) and I feel like many people will actually like this.

By the way I would also love to see a Plenny Bar with less calories (200kcal should be fine) as a little snack in between meals.


Thanks for the feedback @ToniNietnagel, that’s aweomse. Also, I might steal your ‘Thanks for shaking up the industry/More powder to you’ line. Because that’s golden <3

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