*NEW* Plenny Bar - Caramel Seasalt

It was a nice surprise to find that bar in my package.
At first the flavour was odd, but after the second bite I loved it. I wouldn’t change anything.

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  • The bar smells cappuccino/ coffee like.
  • The flavour reminds me more of toffee (with nuts?). But I guess ‘caramel sea salt’ sounds more appealing nowadays.
  • The crunchiness of the bar makes it extra delicious.
  • The taste is slightly artificial, as the other Twenny bars.
  • It doesn’t annoy me that the bar isn’t as solid as the other Twenny bars.
  • 100% vegan is a real +
  • I would definitely buy this
  • Rating: 8/10

I really liked the chewy and crunchy texture, the flavor is also nice, not too sweet. The only downside for me is that I normally snack on 200 cal plenny and this is 400. I felt is less filling than 400 cal of plenny shake.
I would love to have this in a savory flavor, like salty nuts, pistachio etc.

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I receveid in my last order and I can say is a good option

The flavour is nice, the salt is strange at the begin but then I liked.

The texture was good maybe too chewy I prefer more crunchy…but in 5 minutes I finished.

Best option is to drink in the meantime :wink:

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So much lovely feedback, makes us so happy <3

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It’s pretty good. At first, when I read “Caramel Seasalt” I didn’t even want to try it because I usually don’t like those flavors that much. I still gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. Very interesting combo of sweet and salty and I like that it’s vegan. If there now also was an option of using a biodegradable wrapping instead of plastic, it would be near perfect!


Thanks for the new bar in my package. Sorry to say, but I didn’t liked it. I do like caramel, but whoever invented the mix of caramel and salt on icecream/etc??? It’s too salty for me ?!?

I’m looking forward to other flavors.

Regards, Jeroen.

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Sorry to hear that, but that’s okay too of course! We’d love to create a formula that EVERYONE loves, and although we won’t stop trying until we do, we haven’t found it just yet… I’m sure we’ll have a flavor you’ll like better soon enough though :smiley:


Thanks for the free bar, very much appreciated.

The crunchy texture is nice and the flavor ist well balanced between salt and caramel, altough this flavor isn’t exactly my taste. For bars, I’m more for the fruity type.
Like others have already written, I needed water in the end to flush it down because it’s a bit hard to swallow.
In comparison to a normal meal or standard protein bars, it layed a bit heavy in my stomach, so I wouldn’t eat it before or directly after sports.
Just from the outside, it looks a bit weird, because it’s so shiny and a little bit too greasy, so you have to keep the packaging to avoid greasy fingers like after eating fast food.

All in all it’s nice to see a new flavor, even if it’s not exactly my taste. And it just needs a bit of fine tuning :slight_smile:

I’m ready to test the next prototype :+1:


Thanks for the feedback there, @NB4win, very helpful. Please keep in mind though that these bars are super calorie dense, which is why we’d advise to consume them slowly, to prevent them feeling too heavy on the stomach. When I take them on my hikes I usually eat them in three parts, which I find helps a lot with this. There’s not many bars out there packed with so many calories and nutritions, so it’s best not to look at them as a ‘kind of protein bar’, you’re basically eating a complete meal so take your time and don’t feel obligated to eat it in one sitting :blush:

Cheers :v:t2:

Normally I do not order bars, but I really liked this one! I can agree with that taste was kinda odd that reminded me of coffee cake when I was a child and I hated taste of coffee but after few bites I really enjoyed it, and not only because it was free. I will probably not start buying Plenny Bars since my goal is to save time and money but if there is people who don’t mind spending little bit more € then go for it! You won’t be disappointed



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Just finished my sample bar. :+1:
Love the flavour 10/10
The texture is an improvement over the normal bar.
It feels a little heavier in the stomach (that could be just me tho)
Great with a coffee.
It does look a little greasy but that means nothing to me. Fun in Functional, Functional being the main point.

Great work guys look forward to making these my main bars going forward.


I loved it, please sell them as they are. I’ll add them to my subscribtion for sure.


I also found the pleasant surprise in my shipment. The consistency of the bar is great, i really liked the crunchiness when chewing. The taste was a bit weird, too salty for my liking, it left quite strong aftertaste and also it left me thirsty.

When can I order it? I absolutely love the first batch!

we’re working on the final formula and design will take a few months, sorry.


Thx! I hope there is one in my subscription again.