New prototype Plenny Bar: Caramel Seasalt!

Hey everyone,

Today with my subscription I got a nice surprise with my regular box of Wake up Plenny shake. A fresh new prototype Plenny bar with caramel seasalt flavour.
It tastes great and I’d really love to buy a bunch more of it. I hope this flavour makes it to be part of the regular flavours!

Tell me if anyone of you got the new bar as well and what you think of it!


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Very glad you liked it and thanks for sharing your feedback (L)

Is there any way to get more during the prototype stage?

Hey @pask, unfortunately not. We only received a couple of hundred and gave them out to running subscribers on a first come first serve base. If everything goes according to plan we’ll see an early summer launch!

Ok, sounds like I got lucky then, nice!

Can’t wait for the release. Thanks for the info.

I really liked it! It was not as heavy to eat as the normal vanilla bars. Great variation!

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It was nice but salted caramel isn’t really my type of flavour so that particular bar is not something I’d purchase. However, I loved the texture compared to Twenny Bars and wouldn’t be opposed to purchasing my Twenny Bars in this style in the future.

Thank you very much for the sample Jimmy Joy.

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Loved it was an amazing bar would love to order more of them!!


Great! I loved it too!