New Plenny Shake Caramel Seasalt

Hi everyone,

I just tried the new Plenny shake caramel seasalt flavor, it will be my personal opinion, but I found it undrinkable. The sensation is that of drinking a handful of salt, with an almost imperceptible pinch of caramel. In my opinion the caramel taste should be felt more and the salty should be barely perceptible. I tried to force myself to drink it but couldn’t finish an 800ml shaker. Has anyone else tried it and what do you think?


I’m very new to Jimmy Joy and Plenny, so I’m still learning what to expect. I got my first lot of shakes and I ordered 3 flavours - coffee, banana, and caramel seasalt. I’m glad I tried the caramel last because it is not my favourite and it would have really coloured my view of JJ and Plenny. For me, the flavour just doesn’t seem to be there, especially in comparison to the other two I got. So I think I’m going to try and add something else in to try and boost the flavour a little, next time I try it.


well, we all have our preferences and like what we like for whatever reason. Can’t argue there.

Personally I LOVE the Caramel SeaSalt flavour (it’s my favourite so far) and wouldn’t want it to change at all. As a matter of fact I’d like to see another salty flavour - one that is not on the sweet side (Caramel SeaSalt is sweet after all), that has no sweetener!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, we very much appreciate the effort you took to let us know about this.
Sure, not all flavors are for everyone, but this will for sure help with the development of future ones so we will pass it on to the R&D department.

I created an account just to say this: please don’t pass anything to any teams – the shake is perfect as is! Like @kurkista, it’s also my favorite, and it’s its not even close (vanilla being #2 and anything else… not so much).

That’s my feedback :smile:


Hahahaha, noted!
I hope you will use the account for more than just this comment, we would love to hear your feedback on anything you try of course.
Thanks for this one, I will pass it on, as positive feedback :smiley:

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Really LOVE It! I hate the pistaccio one but the sea salt caramel bar and shake are the BEST! Congrats

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Faaaaaaaaantastic, glad you like them and thanks a lot for letting us know. :green_heart:

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I like the strong saltiness as well, though i just received my second pack of Caramel Seasalt and it’s a LOT less Salty than the first.

I hope you didnt change anything in the last 2 months!

Hi @Klaus!

No, nothing has changed on that part but let’s not leave it there.
I would like to invite you to check in with us through the Live Chat or via and do so with the batch code that is printed on the bag. With that, we will follow up internally and check if there’s anything we can do for you in this case.

Thanks in advance! :green_heart: