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What would be the worst Plenny shake flavour?


With all this discussion going on about what flavour people would want next, I thought this would be fun to investigate. :smile:

So, what do you think would be the worst (food-/drink-based) flavour?
For added difficulty: pick a food/drink that you normally like, but would not make a good flavour.

I think for me, although I like tomatoes, it would not make a good flavour :confounded:


For ‘normally like, but not for a drink’, I’d probably include:

  • non-sweet entrees
    • fish / sushi
    • eggs / omelette
    • ground beef
  • non-sweet snacks
    • popcorn
    • potato chips
    • dill pickles
  • non-sweet condiments
    • ketchup
    • mustard
    • mayonnaise

I’m sure there’s plenty of other areas, those are just my guesses. :smile:


I love sushi, but yeah sushi Plenny shake definitely sounds gross. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I think sweetened popcorn would actually not be that bad as a Jimmy Joy flavour, but salted popcorn would (though I don’t like salted popcorn anyway).


Erm yeah; I think anything salty will taste bad… Salty popcorn is on the top of my list. :slight_smile: (Or bottom, depending on how you’re holding it. :stuck_out_tongue: ) I love popcorn, but salty popcorn as Plenny shake… Yikes :worried:


Mold. Ever left a shaker out too long without cleaning it?
It ain’t pretty.

But seriously: I already think that Strawberry is very close to being rather unpleasant, but the thought of eggs, fish or meat gives me a rather upset stomach already.


When someone mentioned fish, I had to think about the delicacy of the north: “Surströmming”…

EDIT: Link added: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surströmming

Another one: Durian. Although it does smell, it seems to taste great…


Worst nightmare would be:


Cilantro!!! :fearful:

Just the thought of it just destroyed my appetite for the coming years. :scream:


Cilantro haters: its not your fault.


Those are some pretty bad flavours indeed. I think a lot of “delicacies” would make bad flavours, although some of them already taste bad. For example, escargot is something I will never ever eat, and certainly not in Plenny shake flavour. Also, another one for the fish-flavour Plenny shake: the Dutch seem to really like salty or sour herring with onions (imagine that as a flavour :confounded:).

Though, if we wanted a Dutch flavour, an actual good one could be stroopwafel :open_mouth:


Stroopwafel? What about these ones then:

  • Poffertjes
  • Appeltaart
  • Drop (liquorice)
  • Butter Waffles
  • Cherry Sticks


Noooo!!! No liquorice flavor!!! Have mercy!! :confounded:


It is funny that you :heart: a comment about cilantro, and balked at licorice. Because both those are found on lists of “The top 10 foods people really like or really dislike.”

Eggplant and beets are also on most of these lists. Apparently there are a handful of foods that people either love or hate, with very little middle ground.

Here’s a sample list: Polarizing foods


pina colada


Baby wipes
Lawn clippings


Dog food… :laughing::laughing::laughing: must be horrible!


Bacon menthol…


Medical tube feed for hospital coma patients