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What flavour would you want next?


Our hands are full of the development of new flavours and products for what feels like the next decade but we’re super interested as to which flavour you guys think should be in line next! A savoury, salty flavour? Maybe a flavour that has already popped up in the past? Let us know what you think we should keep in mind! - Jimmy Joy Team

What is your favorite flavour?

Something savory would be great, that is what I miss the most. Something like mushroom soup would be great, or maybe pea soup (snert). Gazpacho (cold tomato soup) could also be very good, since it is something savory that is usually cold when you drink/eat it.


A potato leek soup or mashed potatoes would be great!


The best would be a neutral flavor! :smiley:
We could flavor it sweet or salty. It can be fun to experiment and make our own favorite flavor :slight_smile:


Although it’s not my personal favorite, i think Watermelon. Or maybe Blueberry…wow yeah, Blueberry would be great !


That does sound like fun! We’re working on a neutral Plenyshake and hope to launch it some time soon, yay!


I would love to see the neutral flavor coming out soon. Also something like “mushroom soup” or “mashed potatoes” would be awesome. If it had to be sweet, I guess watermelon or kinda ice creamish taste would be my choice.


Like @ravi591 said in another thread; a raspberry flavor would be lovely! Or what about being able to buy a ‘tasteless’ version, and separate tastes? I mean, I’m looking at my Fristi right now, and I really wonder what a milk, apple, strawberry, cherry and raspberry combo would taste like…


A good apple flavour would definitely be top of my list, I did love the apple pie you sent out over Christmas, and would certainly be interested in a clean apple version.


Sounds good, maybe a clean cinnamon version too ? i liked that the most about the apple pie flavour.


Maybe, yeah. Not for three meals a day but for variety.


Well that’s also the “problem” i have with the regular apple pie, it’s great but i’m not sure if i’d like it for the three meals.


After having cinnamon roll flavour ice cream, I would kill for cinnamon roll flavoured Plennyshake


I would like almond. Already I have made several badges with a sugarfree almond lemonade powder,
It tasted a lot like liquid marzipan. Delicious!
But alas, that company started using stevia to sweeten their powders. And I despise the liquorice taste of stevia. So, no more low calories liquid marzipan for me. :crying_cat_face:


+1 for neutral and/or gazpacho flavour :+1:


+1 for neutral !!! :+1:


Getting a lot of requests for a neutral flavour I see! :slight_smile: This is something we are currently working on but I’ll definitely pass on to the team that the demand is high!


For me I highly want neutral flavour aswell! No taste and then I do my own! :smiley: And maybe apple taste aswell. People can put inside cinnamon powder to have this baked apple taste. Or just eat it as it is with then pure apple taste. So the cinnamon choice is individual and optional. But apple as taste would be awesome and ofcourse blueberry is VERY delicious too! :slight_smile: Neutral is my first priority on top of my list. Then comes Blueberry and Apple :slight_smile: I really want to mix my own things with hundrets of different flavors customized by myself, so I need neutral zero taste jimmyjoy-plennyshake :slight_smile: Lentil soup or kale taste would be nice too maybe. Kale with Ham and bacon together as taste <3 Or some salami taste :slight_smile: But after you bring out neutral taste I will try ALOT out and then I can give better advice or inspirations. I will test alot of things :slight_smile: But yeah, as fixed tastes I think blueberry and apple is missing here. Two very basic and delicious fruits I think <3 It is nice to use not too warm but warm water and mix it with chocolate jimmyjoy-plennyshake. To have some sweet warm meal :slight_smile: And with banana this warm water trick works aswell. Banana for my taste even tastes better together with warm water ^^ Oh yeah and with strawberry I nearly do not taste it. The strawberry taste for me is very little. More like waterish strawberry. Maybe because I am used to artifical strawberry taste like in joghurt that is made out of other natural ingredients that have nothing to do with real strawberry xD Ofcourse strawberry differs in taste since any strawberry is unique and some are more and some are less sweet. Some have more and some have less waterish taste. Fruits are hard to put inside since natural fruit tastes change over time. Fruits aren’t artifical replicable tastes. But still worth it I think because they are more natural! :slight_smile: But for me I highly prefer banana, chocolate and vanilla until now from what I have tried. I sadly missed this cinnamon apple christmas special :frowning: A pure apple taste would be nice since I can add cinnamon powder if wanted and then have it :slight_smile:


@spantherix Blueberry sounds amazing! Good one :-).


definitely something savory. I don’t know anyone who eats more sweet than savoury, yet we ONLY have sweet flavours…

curry/chili something
maybe, and dont judge me on this, something around mustard (maybe bavarian mustard)
also, even though i don’t like it, mushrooms could work great