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Can you tell us something about the team behind JJ?

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Hi @akolsek,

Anything specific you would like to know about the team? We are with about 35 people located all over Europe - with an office in Malta and Amsterdam.

You can see a very small part of the team here: Meet the Team – Jimmy Joy

Fun fact: we have our own production and fulfilment facility in Amsterdam of about 2,000 square meters. This is mainly how we are able to offer meals at such a good price-quality ratio. Most other companies outsource these tasks to other companies.


Why are you relying on childish illustrations for your corporate identity? I don’t think that this is a good strategy to be honest - the success of brands like Huel is mainly caused by it being perceived as a mature and professional product with a sound scientific background. Childish pictures are associated with the opposite, though…

Not a question but I LOVE your products! Keep the great work up! :blush::raised_hands:t3:


Hi Marba,
Thank you very much for your opinion!

We love our illustrations and we’re glad that there are a lot of people who love them too.

I personally believe it’s a great combo to be professional, scientific but also funny.


Thank you Jeannine! :star_struck:

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I know it’s a hairy topic, but I would love to know how do you position yourselves concerning GMOs.
Generally speaking I think they are fantastic and have a lot to offer to improve our environmental footprint, but a lot of people don’t trust them.

I know your products don’t contain them and I would like to know whether this is due to some specific concern, a PR matter or because other reasons.

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Hey @juanfrcaliz!

Indeed, it is a topic that has sparked discussion :nerd_face: There are several advantages and disadvantages, which differ based on the authors and research organizations.

The European Union has very strict regulations regarding GMOs. The legislation is founded on the precautionary principle and is based on the concerns of farmers, environmentalists, and consumers. Thus, policies are designed to prevent any potential adverse effects on the environment, animal and human health, and safety. So the European Food Safety Authority conducts detailed, case-by-case, science-based food evaluations of GMO ingredients, which is time/money consuming.

In our case, we follow the EU regulations and our priority is to find the greatest quality raw material available in the market to create our products :green_heart:

Seriously, you guys have some legit meme game. I’ve got a couple of the stickers hanging around, and by golly your marketing works on me, I take pictures and send them to my friends. shakes fist Damn you good marketing people.

I’m super duper curious about how the whole logistics of ol Jimmy Joy works. I’d personally love to see a behinds the scenes - from raw material A to product B. Are you able to elaborate on how the whole process works? In my mind, you could just have this open warehouse with piles of raw powders and just some monkeys with shovels scooping it into bags - but I know it’s a little more sophisticated than this surely.

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Oh and one more. Because you said anything - what do you think cats dream about?

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Not really a question but a comment: I find the “living on Plenny meals for 6 months” headline pretty misleading if he’s only taking it for breakfast and lunch (and having a normal dinner). Aren’t a lot of us on here doing exactly that?

Sorry to be ‘that guy’, but I thought it was a bit disappointing. I do like that you’ll post blood test results and do a Q&A though :slight_smile:

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I think you’re just the guy confusing the past with the future :wink:
In the past, he did, to the best of my knowledge, go 100% JJ.
From the blog I gather, that he missed some variation, which is probably why the next time around, he’ll not be doing dinner :slight_smile:

I actually like the illustrations! I am not sure why you compare JJ to Huel but I tried both myself and really think Huel does not taste good at all. Try to test with friends, mix up both shakes and see what brand they prefer. All of my friends preferred JJ after I let them taste Mana (from CZ) Huel and JJ in a blind taste test.

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Thanks for the kind words!

The logistics side of jimmy joy is actually the most complex aspect as this involves everyone working together to make it happen. You can find more info on the subject here

Unfortunately it’s not as magical as monkeys with shovels :see_no_evil:

My question is : is there a way we can be taste testers for upcoming flavors?

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I like Jimmy Joy’s illustrations way more than Huel. It’s just a matter of taste.
Jimmy Joy seems like it has a demographic of young people who want to enjoy life, drink shakes, enjoy new flavors.
Huel’s aesthetic looks boring and bland, and by extension makes we wonder if it tastes boring and bland.

You can always put the powder into another container if you don’t like the packaging.

Huel seems to spend lots of money on things that are not really benefitial for their customers. They have huge headquarters with gyms and other employee benefits. And they spend a lot on marketing. And (pseudo) “research”. The know how to give their appearance a “scientific” touch - and there are many people who are taken in by that.
If you look at the ingredients they are nothing special, though. Oats or tapioca starch and pea protein (which is a relatively low quality protein source).


Hey Alienvegan! we choose people close to our R&D facility in Amsterdam :woman_cook:t4:

Hello, I wanted to buy my first plenny shake but I’m not prepared to buy two instead of one bag, any ways around this? Thanks.

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