Did you recently change the recipe?

Hello! I just bought my fourth batch of JimmyJoy. I noticed there is new packacking but also that the contents seem different. The powder is now finer and it tastes different. There is a sour taste to it. I used to look forward to drinking the Jimmy Joy but this latest batch tastes sour, both the banana and strawberry flavors. It’s the same sour taste in both. Have they gone bad or did you recently change the recipe?

I have not noticed the change in flavour to sour.

But yes they have changed both the formula and the packaging. There is a very big discussion going over it.

Are banana and strawberry your go tos? So far, I thought chocolate and vanilla were better than those two. I do quite dislike fruit though.

Also you can still buy the old formula in the jimmyjoy sale. Luckily there is samples of both flavours you mention.

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Hi there,

We did indeed change the recipe. You can read all about it on the following blog:

It should however not taste sour. Could you please contact customer service at love@jimmyjoy.com with your feedback.

After a few more days of drinking this, I’d revise my description of the new flavor as “flour”. Yeah, it tastes as if I mixed lots of flour with water. I tested chocolate too and it was the same. I wonder if it’s just me. I much prefer the old recipe.

Checking the nutrion label, I can see that this is a completely different product from the one I thought I ordered. That is unfortunate. The new changes mean 40% less protein and 50% more fat. Along with the change in taste, this means I will have to switch products. I’ve e-mailed customer support with a request for a return.

I hope JimmyJoy will make a comeback in the future. It was great while it lasted!

Old nutrition:

New nutrition:


I agree with you - the new flavor is awful. It has a very strange and unpleasant aftertaste. The first two times I tried it, I thought, that well … I’ll probably get used to it. Now I have tried it 4 or 5 times and I’m not so sure anymore.

The worst part is that I have recommended Jimmy Joy to so many people and I have told everybody about how great it tastes. Now I just feel very embarrassed.

I read somewhere that the new flavors should be more “natural”. I would prefer something that actually taste good. Like Daniel Norrman I will also try to find an alternative … and hope that Jimmy Joy will change the receipe once more - as soon as possible.

I am also very disappointed in the new taste. As was stated before, there is a very unpleasant aftertaste which I also simply cannot stand. What I find most concerning, is that my subscription was suddenly automatically changed to the new formula, a completely new product, without my agreement. I very much hope refunds for people in this situation are considered.

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Yeah, I just registered in order to comment that, I copy past my commentary in the other post:


I’ve been using ■■■■■■■ around two years, maybe more. I orderer around 50 bags every two/three months. Everyday I looked forward to drink the shake (vanilla flavour) because it tastes SO good, also the nutritional facts were great for me (workout 3/4 days a week), and everything was good.

I ordered the new flavor withtout knowing it (didnt pay much attention) and now I can say I’ve only be able to drink 10 of those 50 bags. And in fact I think im going to seend it to the trash because is undrinkable.

It tastes really bad, artifficial, like drinkin paper or something. And the nutritional facts are horrible, I mean I need protein, that’s another resason I was using ■■■■■■■.

Sorry to say that because you did a lot of good in the past for me but that was my last order. Looking for alternatives since ■■■■■■■ has no interest to me both nutritionally and in terms of taste.


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Hey Noveno,

Very sorry to hear that. Love to get your opinion on the new Big Bag formula: https://jimmyjoy.com/products/big-bag-pre-order

I’m also not a fan of the new recipe. The flavours are not terrible, but the old ones where better for sure. The worst of all is the texture though. It feels smoother, but there are small grains (like when you mix flour with water) which feels really unpleasant. And after leaving the drink sit for a few minutes it becomes this terrible slimy goo, so I cannot take the drink with me pre-mixed (deal breaker for me).

After trying about 20 different shake manufacturers I thought that I finally found the one. I was really happy with your product, ordering 30+ bags every two month, but now I have to search again.

Please please bring the old formula back (maybe market it as the sport version since it contains so much more protein).


Hahaha! yes, of course they change the formula! They insisted everyone likes it better, but about the best thing that anybody has to say about it is that “it’s not too nasty if you drink it right away”.

I made that comment, it was seen by a representative of the company, they pointed me to a list of people who reviewing the old product and say look everybody likes the new product! I guess they thought I was too stupid to realize that the reviews were regarding the old formula.

It really seems as if this product reformulated in order for the company to save money. Whatever the reason for the change, they really pissed off and lost a lot of their customers. I don’t think Jimmy Joy’s gonna be around a whole lot longer, but it looks like Huel is going to be a good alternative.

With Joyful huggz and love


Actually, they were cowardly enough to close down the last thread after I posted. I wonder if they’re gonna close this thread, delete my post, and or ban me from the forum.

Hey Vit,

The slimyness has been resolved. We wont bring back the old formula but we Big Bag formula is the closest thing to it :slight_smile: Big Bag formula: https://jimmyjoy.com/products/big-bag-pre-order

Hi Konigsbruggen,

may I ask what you changed to resolve the slimyness?

Contrary to a lot of people I love the new formula very much, especially for its much smoother texture :slight_smile: With the old formula, it happened to me often that I had to throw unopened bags away because they expired, since I didn’t manage to consume the shake frequently enough. With the new formula, I don’t think I’ll have that problem, since I’m looking forward to drinking it, rather than having to force myself to swallow it :smile:


Hey Kajse,

We changed the type of oats to resolve the sliminess. The shake is still designed to eat straight away though. Glad to hear you like the new formula. I personally love it too :smiley:

Hi, according to ConsumerLab, eating a bag of shake in a day would put one right at the upper limit (the threshold for toxicity) for manganese (11 mg.). Why was the new shake formulated this way?

Hello @Koningsbruggen

I’m sorry, but I have to provide negative feedback, too :frowning:

Bought my first ■■■■■■■ three years ago, and loved it! Many other shakes tasted “milky”, “bland” or “flour-y” … sometimes oversweetened but ■■■■■■■/JimmyJoy was perfect!

I tried the vegan JimmyJoy once, but it didn’t taste as good as the regular ones … it had this “bland / flour-y” taste, too. The plenny drinks are good … expected more taste wise but, ok. Not close to the original vanilla flavoured JimmyJoy shake.

But now with the new recipe, the taste of the shake dropped significantly. I’m sure you had good reasons for the change, but unfortunately it now tastes closer to the old vegan shake or the current plenny drink. Less oat meal-y like it used to be, and more milk-y flour-y :frowning:

Ordered the Neutral Shake too, but the base taste is the same … tried to add stuff like cinnamon but it can cover the weird taste

Best Regards,


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I have not tasted the old formula, so I have no basis for comparison.
But I recently bought a batch of jimmyjoy to try it out, and my experience was something like this:

My first shake (banana) tasted weird and had weird consistency, and I thought, how can anyone drink this crap?
For my second shake I tried another taste, and I thought it tasted better than the first.
By my third shake I thought it was pretty good.
After a few more, I was convinced that the taste and consistency was pretty darn perfect.

I have been drinking it exclusively for about a month now, and it is my favorite food of all time. My favorite flavor is banana. It just took a few tries to get to that realization.

The amazing part for me is that I haven’t grown tired of it.

No, no you absolutely have not fixed the sliminess. A bag that was delivered a few days ago, so that would be your new formula, made a shake left it in the fridge for a few hours and it was the consistency of egg whites. Snotty slimy disgusting! You say you would fix the sliminess, it’s a lie!

Hi @Bones221,

Please contact customer care with this issue and make sure to mention your order number and the batch number that is printed on the bag. We can confirm that you received the new oats formula. It could be possible that you just don’t like the new formula since it is indeed a lot different than the version we had before.

I had a pretty big order of the old JJ which ran out a few weeks ago. (we got JJ since long before the older -better- name). After the change to less protein I was bummed and wanted to change to a different *lent. The big pack changed my mind and I got 2 bags last week. And we probably won’t finish these. The taste is aweful. Now we probably have to look for an alternative which we are not happy about because the old vanilla was simply the best. Chocolate was a close second and I really looked forward to eating a meal. Now we “have to” finish these bags.