Has taste changed?

Hello everyone!
My last two orders were on December 11 2018 and March 12 2019. Between them I’ve perceived a change in taste. All different flavours are still there but now they have like a bit of a metallic taste that ruins everithing. I was very happy with the last formula change, but this one is disgusting.
I’m the only one who has perceived this?
Thank you.

Edit: I’m talking about standard Plenny Shake.


You’re not the only one who noticed the change in taste, I agree with you and I have created an account just to express the same thing.

I have been a consumer of ■■■■■■■/JimmyJoy since almost the beginning (so a few years), and I liked the taste of the normal version and then of the vegan one. It used to be my go to meal when I couldn’t cook or didn’t have the time. The taste wasn’t perfect but it was quite good (especially vanilla/mango/strawberry for me).

Since the change in recipe (which seems to be when the package went from a rectangle to a square), things have completely changed. The taste itself is sligtly bad, but the worse is the aftertaste which becomes horrible after a while. I forced myself to eat the first packages thinking maybe I would get used to it, but now I end up throwing away the rest of the bottle when I make some.

I would like the Jimmy Joy team to understand that : the taste/aftertaste of the new Plenny Shake is so bad that I, a long-time customer, would rather go hungry than finish it. I now dread drinking Plenny Shake, and I think I am going to throw away my remaining pouches.

Also, like others, I am displeased by the sneaky decrease in proteins : that was one of the main interest of Jimmy Joy. If I want to find fat or carbohydrates, I can do it very easily (chips, cakes, junk food…), in a quick meal it is always finding enough proteins which is the problem.

I have read other topics on the subject and I have found complaints from more than six month ago about these exact same issues : the bad taste and the lack of proteins. There is still no viable replacement (the big bag apparently doesn’t solve the taste issue), so I am probably going to have to switch to a competitor, unless the old Plenny Shake is brought back or at least something with a similar taste.

I don’t understand how the team of Jimmy Joy could change their main product so deeply without any testing and while removing at the same time the older version. Seriously, if you wanted to kill your company you wouldn’t act any different.

Sorry for the rant, but I am very disappointed.


@alejosmar I wrote in the “New Formula Mega-Thread” about the same Thing, only that the shipment end of february was still fine (I first bought Plenny only a few months ago so I don’t know anything about earlier changes), and the one end of march was vastly different, worse than before. We’ll see, but apparently there was some formula Change. Feel free to add your view in the mega-thread as well, as Tim from JimmyJoy answered there today.

@philippe Same for me, didn’t know about the recipe change last year (semptember?) and was very disappointed. Loved and promoted JimmyJoy with friends colleagues. Now I tell everyone to stay away from it. Found a good substitute from another brand (the one that stats with Q). It’s not as good as the old JimmyJoy recipe was, but it still has a positive taste instead of the bland, joy milk-y , textureless taste of JJ.

Thanks for sharing your findings on the forum everyone, it’s a good thing to see that more people are experiencing the same problems. This gives us a lot of information to further develop our products, so we appreciate it a lot!

As fo the problems you’ve encountered with more recent batches/formula’s, please shoot us an email at love@jimmyjoy.com and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, guys! keep in touch :v:t2:

I’ve experienced the same taste decrease that is mentioned on the forum, but it seems more has changed in the recent batch. It dissolves less well and it has lots of ‘seed like’ things in it, which make the last few sips really unpleasant.
I was surprised and doubted myself because there was no mention on the packaging or website about a formula change. The change seems to be across all the flavours. Is it really a formula change or just a mishap or something?

Hi Sopa! Welcome to the JJ forum, happy to have you :slight_smile:

We haven’t changed the formula recently (last time was in October last year), but it’s possible you received a batch that turned out a bit different? You can email us at love@jimmyjoy.com if you want to provide us with more details about this.

As for the graininess, the small particles are flaxseed parts. Since flaxseed is a natural product, the harvests can differ from each other. This one was a bit grainy, next time it should be more smooth.

Let me know!

Or instead of hanging in there with a company that is still trying to figure it out, you might want to try Huel. They’re already there.

It’s not necessarily different with Huel. Everyone in this game is constantly updating and developing their product, just as we are. FYI, we’ve just launched a new 2.1 version, you can read more about it here: https://jimmyjoy.com/blogs/jimmy-joy/plenny-shake-v2-1-is-here !


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I worked on a feed factory and we used to change formulas every week. That’s was because raw material comes from different places and the don’t have exactly the same propieties all the time. I’m not against changes in the formula, that’s mandatory, I’m only saying that they did something that caused a disgusting change in the flavour.


Thanks for the feedback @alejosmar, appreciate the honesty. Hopefully the new and improved formula will agree with you more!

Keep us posted and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to share :slight_smile:

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Tried it but thought it tasted pretty horrible. Have a couple of kg that I haven’t touched for months.

Hi there, you can send back any products you don’t use if you’d like! Just hit us up at love@jimmyjoy.com and we’ll take care of it :slight_smile: