Plenny shake 3.0 weird taste

Hi, I’ve recently received my first ever Jimmy Joy plenny shake 3.0. I was so hyped because it solved many issues of my day to day. But when i finished preparing it i found that there was the chocolate flavor but then a weird flavor appeared and i found texture not really liquid… Can anyone help me?

I personally always mix my shakes with milk. did you get the amounts right? also, it’s kinda usual that people who are not used to nutritious shakes to be confusing/not excited initially. But I’d say after 2 weeks you will probably be used to it and like it.

Sorry for the very late reply on this first of all!

We would very much like to follow up on this with you and for that ask you to check in with the customer care team through the Live Chat option on the website or via
It would help if you have the batch code that’s printed on the back ready when contacting us.

Rest assured, we have option in this case and will get to a good solution for you.