Plenny Drink recipe

Has the recipe for Plenny Drink chocolate changed recently? I just received a shipment of drinks but it tastes different (worse in my opinion, less chocolatey and the consistency is slightly thinner).

These are my favourite Jimmy Joy product and have been a welcome quick breakfast option to grab in the mornings when I’m in a rush. It might be that I get used to the new flavour (assuming that it has deliberately changed), but I do hate it when companies mess with a great product!

There was an russian war related oat shortage and I also have some products of the last affected batches. I read that it is restored already and the next shipment would use the former oats again.

For the Drinks there was indeed an update to the recipe recently and I am afraid they were shipped out before the communication on it was sent out, an error in syncing between the Marketing department and the Supply peoples, apologies for that!

We of course tested the new recipe and from those test the results were that there were no noticeable differences in flavour or texture so in reaction to your post here, a new test will be done on that.

Please feel free to check in with the customer care team through the Live Chat option on the website or at for further assistance. If the change is bad enough for you to no longer like it, we can of course refund you for them.


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That was in regard to some of the Plenny Shake V3 versions, but not for the Drinks.
Also, the temporary ingredient we then used is no longer used, we’re back to the original recipe for those again so this should no longer form a problem.

Thanks for jumping in on this though! :green_heart: