Plenny Drink, the long forgotten


I’ve been buying Plenny Drink only for the last year as it is the one that fits me the best… ready to drink meals that I can carry everywhere with awesome taste and smoothness.

My question is… why such product which tastes so good is forgotten by Jimmy Joy? I mean, we keep getting new flavours for Plenny Shakes twice a year and even special flavours from time to time, but for people who only buy Plenny Drinks it would be awesome to add new flavours so I can stop drinking the same two flavours all the time.

You have a lot of flavours already in Plenny Shake, why not adding them into Plenny Drinks too? Coffee, Strawberry, Mango or Banana would be awesome additions which would improve a lot with the smooth texture of Plenny Drink.

Please don’t forget Plenny Drink, it’s been a lot of time and only two flavours are available!

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I second that. Love what we have, but we really need more variety.

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Hey @TKOne! We are glad that our drinks are a good fit for you :green_heart:

Please know that the Plenny Drink is not being overlooked; rather, creating a liquid recipe presents distinct layers of challenges than creating a dry formula. We are working on new types. However, we cannot proceed with the production until we are confident that it will stay :sparkles: wonderfully :sparkles: tasty throughout its shelf life.

Not only we are trying new flavors but new formulas based on the feedback that we’ve received in the last months.
We hope we can present a new flavor soon!


+1 it is my favourite product and I always add it to my orders, but it has been more than 2 years with the same 2 flavours. You can’t help ending up getting a little tired of them.

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If we can suggest flavours, I’d love to have another coffee taste (with caffeine of course).
Maybe not straight up coffee but maybe cappuchino or latte macchiato.

I have plenny drinks kicking around in my car so I won’t be tempted to stop for junk food and the likes.

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All suggestions are welcome, we noted it down for our R&D department, thanks! :green_heart: