No interest for new flavours for Pots or Drinks?

The only Jimmy Joy products I’ve consuming for the past few months are the Pots or the Drinks, but the flavours are getting a bit stale…

We recently got two new Shake flavours which is great for those who prefer that product. But I’m really sad that we’re not getting any news or hints that they’re even working on new Pots or Drinks flavours.

Especially the Drink ones :slight_smile:


The next new drink flavour must be coffee - preferably without caffeine.


Fair point @Vapid , there’s things brewing always of course, but this post is great.
Any suggestions that come through here will be directly communicated to the R&D team, bring it on!


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Please add Plenny Drink coffee with caffeine so I can drink one in the morning for a fast breakfast. I wake up too sleepy to mix powders…

Thank you.

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@TKOne Thank you very much! We will add it to the suggestions for our R&D department.

If you’re that tired in the morning prioritizing a good nights sleep will likely give you a larger health benefit than consuming JJ anyway :man_shrugging:

Sometimes getting enough sleep doesn’t really solve that problem :pensive:

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Strongly support that, especially for the Plenny Pots. I really like them, but three flavors isn’t a lot, so more variety would be great.

My suggestions would be:

  • another pasta-based pot, maybe Italian style with herbs and tomatoes
  • something Mexican-themed like a Chilli of some sort, with rice and beans
  • some other sort of curry, maybe Thai
  • something cheese-flavoured (if that works with vegan ingredients…)

but any new flavour would be great :yum:


Masamam Curry would be good.

Also, plus one to the idea of ramen.


These are like copy/paste flavours from the competing brand. :smiley:

I won’t deny that :rofl:

Italian pasta pots. Carbonara?


I know some other brand is doing it but… mac n’ cheese, please!


Not so easy for some people… In my case, I have problem with deep sleep (very low) and sometimes paradoxal sleep in “overdose”, so some night are more a burden than a rest. This was tested with ECG but there is no real solutions.

Lovely! Thank you all for putting in your 2 cents on this one, I will make sure it ends up on the right desks.


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Oh yes, Italian style and thai! Great suggestions, I hope the teams makes some soon!


yup, I agree.
Coffee tastes great after opening the bag but never tastes as good afterward.

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Thanks for the feedback, noted!