Best flavour of every product type?

What is the best flavour for the powder, pots and bars respectively? Do you prefer a variety of flavours or do you just buy the same flavour every time?

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For the shakes and bars my favourites are caramel sea salt, apple cinnamon and vanilla. But i always cycle through all flavour (except coffee) so that it doesn’t get boring. But there’s actually No flavour that i really dislike.
For the plenny pots i like the tikka masala the most

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Is it because of the caffeine? I agree that it would be better to make all flavours caffeine-free.

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Yes I don’t want to drink caffeine on a daily basis

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I prefer a variety of flavours but I definitely have my favourites.

For the shakes, I think Wild Berry is the best by a mile. It’s so good and I never get bored of it. Strawberry is a close second, along with passion fruit.

For the bars, I like caramel sea salt and vanilla the best. But lately I’m starting to like almond and fig a lot too.

For the plenny pots I think Cajun pasta is really good. I’m not a huge fan of the hot meals in general but that one is my favourite.

And for the drinks I think chocolate and vanilla are about equal, I love both.

My favourite product overall is Wild Berry shake.

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What is your experience with the caffeine-containing powder? Do you experience any nervousness or palpitations afterwards? Is it still possible to have caffeine from other sources?
A huge problem is that if one wants to rely on just one flavour caffeine-containing shakes can’t be safely consumed in the evening.
Or do you nevertheless consume caffeine for “dinner”? And what effect does it have on you?

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How about mixing flavours, have you been creative with them already? :green_heart:

If you’re sensitive to caffeine or tend to have trouble sleeping after consuming caffeinated products, it might be best to enjoy it earlier in the day.