What product/flavours do you like best?

I have used other meal replacements but now want to try JJ.

Do you have any flavour/product suggestions? What are your favourites?

I’m waiting for the day we see a pizza / mashed potato with gravy flavor haha. I love Plenny Shakes and I’m basically a walking advertisement for them, everyone in my life knows about them through me. I don’t know if it would work but I would LOVE to see a savory option… no idea if that would work in shake-form.

My current absolute favorite is banana followed by strawberry then chocolate and coffee tied then vanilla, then mango.

I’ve only tried the V3.0 chocolate so far and I have to say I like it better than the V2.1 which I already liked, can’t wait to try the others :slight_smile:

Honestly I love the art work on the packaging - it’s from another planet which I think is amazing - but the only thing I’d change is offering a package size 5 times bigger than the V3.0 offered now. I feel bad throwing all those bags away :frowning:

Hi @Agentmass - We’ve been trying to get savoury options in our shake for years, but because of the nature of our main ingredients like oats and soy this is very hard to accomplish. On the other hand it is the reason our “sweet” shakes are so damn delicious though ;-).

We did however just launched our new Plenny Pots, which come in three savoury flavours. In addition we’re also launching our first savoury Plenny Bar early 2021!

If you’re really worried about the packaging waste (and less about macro split) there’s always Plenny Shake Active (it comes in 25 meal pouches instead of 10).

Hope this helps!

So far here are my rankings for the shakes I’ve tried:

  1. Banana
  2. Chocolate
  3. Vanilla
  4. Strawberry
  5. Mango

Although my mango tasted super odd so might not be the usual flavour.

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I believe you already emailed us about the Mango flavor, correct? If not, please do and we’ll sort that out ASAP :slight_smile:

I did indeed and it was sorted out :blush:

If I could make a suggestion it would be a lower caffeine content in your shakes. And the removal of nuts from all products (as they are a potent allergen; the options with a nut allergy are limited, unfortunately).

Great glad to hear it! thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Why the lower caffeine content though? We never really get any complaints about it, actually :smiley:

If you only live on that flavour the total daily amount is a bit too high. There are people who like the flavour itself and do not only have it to get a caffeine boost. Especially in the evening caffeine is a problem - at least if one does not want to do dinner cancelling every day.

I see! Living on one flavor seems a bit boring to me, tbh… Wouldn’t you rather mix it up every now and then, especially in the evenings when you don’t want that caffeine boost?

I have no idea how to mix and match. What flavour would you use for that? And what would you add?
Do you also have some flavour recommendations for the Active powder? I like the macro-split of it…the normal shake is said to be a bit too watery and not very filling - so I thought the high-protein version might be better.

I really like to mix the coffee and the chocolate shake (just shared on the Theanine-Caffeine discussion :nerd_face:), this way I get less caffeine and still the taste of mocha-coffee. You can add some cinnamon and other spices. I think mixing the vanilla and coffee shakes could be awesome as well!

Some days when I want to get a stronger coffee taste I add an espresso shot to my coffee shake. This makes me think that maybe the Active Neutral taste could go good with plant-based milk and an espresso shot (maybe decaffeinated?), so you can still have the taste. What do you think? :thinking: If not, I would go for the Chocolate Plenny Shake Active :drooling_face:

Thanks for the suggestions!

Having a lower caffeine content would already help, though, because then you would still have a buffer for other caffeinated beverages during the day. It would help if it was possible to separate caffeine uptake from food.

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