A picky eater's first impressions

Hello everyone!

I’m an 18-year-old girl from Germany. I decided to try JJ for several reasons:

  1. I have quite an active lifestyle and I wanted a meal option that would be easy to digest and allow me to exercise without feeling too stuffed while still providing me with enough calories and nutrients.

  2. I don’t particularly like to cook and sometimes I just don’t really have the time to cook a healthy meal from whole foods.

  3. I’m kind of a picky eater and have very strong dislikes towards certain foods/textures. But I really like creamy/soft textures.

These are the Plenny Shake flavours I’ve tried so far:

Pistachio - Honestly, this one tastes a lot like almond extract (the kind that people use in baking). It’s okay but I don’t love it.
Strawberry - This one really takes the crown! The strawberry taste is very natural and subtle. Overall, the shake tastes a little bit like blended muesli. I love it!

I also really like the texture of the Plenny Shakes. It’s creamy and the powder dissolves really well after some vigorous shaking. :grin:

I’m placing my next order soon, anyone got any flavour recommendations?

hey @Lucie,

I use it for the same active lifestyle reasons. I usually have it as breakfast. It helps me to reach my daily protein goals and for some reason i tend to snack less during the day. win-win!

Try the pistachio with some sort of alternative milk. I feel it brings out the pistachio flavour much more than just using water.

Good to hear you like the strawberry! if you like that flavour i would say just go with the other fruity flavours as they all have what you are describing with the strawberry. I love the banana and wildberries.

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I’d also say wild berries seems like a good bet.

I think apple cinnamon has a bit of that blended muesli taste. But my batches have had a bit less smooth texture (same with coconut).

To me, banana is a little bland, whereas passion fruit has a lot of taste (although I don’t really appreciate it).

You can also try mixing flavors. That’s how I’ve got rid of those I’m less fond of.

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