Plenny Shake Sport has a horrible bitty taste compared to regular Plenny Shake

Today I received 5 big bags of Plenny Shake Sport. So far I’ve only tried banana taste but the taste is horrible compared to chocolate,banana,vanilla and strawberry taste in regular plenny shake. I’ve mixed 300 ml of water as recommended with 2 scoops (around 100g). Am I the only one who is noticed that it wasn’t that tasty compared to other Plenny Shakes? Any recommendations what can I do so it doesn’t taste that horrible? I didn’t try Vanilla Sport yet tho so I can’t really tell if the taste is as horrible as a banana sport. Who tested this anyway before deciding that it taste good? Some random dudes high on dutch speed? I love JimmyJoy but I am really disappointed about the taste of this new formula, and it’s unacceptable in my opinion, especially when I want to replace most of my meals with PlennyShakes.

Hi there @bongiorno, so sorry to hear you’re not a fan of the taste of the new Active/Sport formula. I can imagine your disappointment! The main difference with the new formula is that there is no more maltodextrin, which makes the taste a bit more bland and less sweet. We made this change because our online community let us know they would like to have maltodextrin-free products from us. Downside: less tasty.

However, we’re currently running tests with a 2.0 version that should definitely taste better. I really like the samples I’ve tried so far! It still won’t have maltodextrin, but, for example, we’re looking at what different types of aroma’s can do for the overall taste.

For now, one easy way to make the flavors more intense is to add less water to the shake. Try experimenting to see what works best for you in terms of flavor and consistency.

Something that’s worked really well for myself is adding honey, which I feel works really well for a bit of more sweetness. Especially with the Chai flavor, this is one of my favorite combinations. You can also try using a different liquid than water, like oat milk or my favorite: rice milk.

Hope this helps!


Sounds great! :ok_hand:

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