Extremely Disappointed in New Formula

Hey all,

I am a semi-long time consumer of Plenny Shake (off and on for a few years) in the USA. I had recently bumped up my consumption of the product to 3 meals per day during the week b/c of a change in my work situation. A few weeks ago I opened a new bag of Plenny Shake vanilla from my most recent order and something was off. The taste was all wrong and the product was irritating my mouth and throat. Even worse, a new coworker of mine, who I had introduced to the product, was telling me the same thing was happening w/ his latest bag of chocolate. After some investigating, we realized that we had been getting version 2.0? of the product until just recently (the old stuff that we liked had 15g of protein per serving, the new stuff has 20g of protein).

I am extremely disappointed in this new version. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the particulars of the nutrition as long as I’m getting something relatively balanced. I know many feel differently, but for me, these products are likely to be healthier than 90% of what I would consume otherwise. My focus is on the experience of consuming the product itself. I really can’t even fathom how someone could like the taste of the new stuff, but the worst part is that it actually irritates my throat and mouth. Now I have 15 bags of the new stuff that I just don’t think I can subject myself to.

Sorry for all the negativity, I just felt the need to express my distaste for the change. I have already switched back to Soylent in the mean time until I can figure out what product to switch to next (Soylent has its own issues but at least its palatable). I am shocked that there hasn’t been more discussion on the change, but maybe that just means I’m in the extreme minority? I’m so sad because this product had so much going for it. Just my 2 cents–it was great while it lasted so I appreciate the years I got out of it. Thank you for making a product I loved for a while. Is there any chance at all of reverting the change?



hi @stelker77, so so sorry to hear you are not a fan of the new version of the Plenny Shakes. I’m afraid we won’t be going back to the older version, but we do have a 3.0 version in the works (although it will be some time before we’ll launch it in the US). Unfortunately we have yet to discover a formula that everyone everywhere likes just as much, but we’re not giving up just yet! :smiley:

I hope that we will be able to provide you with products more to your liking in the future and in the meantime feel free to return to us any unopened products that you would like to receive a refund for. You can email me at love@jimmyjoy.com if you’d like to start the return process :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing and stay safe!

@stelker77 Did it by any chance have a bitter aftertaste especially in your throat, as if something went rancid?

I had a batch like that, got it replaced and all was good in the new one.

Good question! It has been known to happen sometimes. Usually the bag then isn’t properly mixed.

So I wanted to circle back to those bad tasting bags for a minute. If you received 2.0 and want to replace them with 2.1 we can arrange that! Please email me at love@jimmyjoy.com and we’ll take it from there <3

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