Review of the New (and improved?) Plenny Shake Formula

I have been working on updating the Plenny Shake review I made a while back, now that they have released the new formula (for the disappointment of some) and new bags.

I actually find the discussion of the formula very interesting and I have not gone too far into details in this review (perhaps I will write another article about that). I do have some thougths about it though

  1. I like the old formula better, because I am a more active person and non-vegan. I actually really like whey protein as a nutrition source.
  2. I do understand that the average Joe or Mary might be a less phisically active person and that won’t need 125g of protein. thus lowering the protein is not the end of the world.
  3. However, I do think protein recommendations are a bit low at the moment and will increase in the future.
  4. The new bags are quite useful, but have really flaky zips. I could not force myslef to leave them horizontally in fear of spillage.
  5. The new bags require a lot of space. It would be cool to see bigger packaging options (for people who consume PS more often).
  6. New flavours are ok, a little sharper, but the oats at the start are the dominant note.
  7. the Shakes are really thin, but if you try to add less water they become sandy real quick. Hard to find balace between too water (not much flavour) and not enogh (sandy).
    8.Flavours are distictive among themselves. Each one offers you something different.

and probably more but for that you will have to read the review. ALL FEEDBACK IS WELCOME

Things like:
-what you found useful? What did you think it was irrelevant?

  • What else would you like to have seen?
  • What did you not agree with?
  • Any general comments like I hated it.

Thank you very much


I can’t try the new formula yet (USA). Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts.

haha. Some might envy you.

Much appreciated. Really :blush:

I really dont like the new formula.
It contains less protein and tastes a lot worse than the old formula.
Please return to old formula or give the posibilty to choose between formulas.
Meanwhile i will cancel my subscription.
I really hope you will return to old formula i absolutly liked jimmy joy so far.


Last chance to get some strawberry flavoured PS. 244 left now

Everything else has sold out.

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