Please continue selling Plenny Shake Active

As I read today Plenny Shake Big Bag is going to replace Plenny Shake Active very shortly. This thread will most probably not change anything, but I wanted to ask you to continue selling Plenny Shake Active (in addition to Plenny Shake Big Bag). I have been a customer for a long time (even long before you changed the name from ■■■■■■■ to Jimmy Joy) and have an active subscription for Plenny Shake Active. I do bodybuilding and I am nearly 100% on Jimmy Joy Active and eat every day one complete bag. Based on my needs the macrosplit is (nearly) perfect (carbs 50%/ fat 20%/ protein 30%). Sadly, Plenny Shake Big Bag which is supposed to replace Plenny Shake Active is not even close to an alternative for me due to the way to high amount of fat (carbs 35%/ fat 35%/ protein 30%). I understand that different people have different needs, but I cannot understand how a product should replace another product which targets a completely different audience (based on the heavy change in the macrosplit). For me as a “gym rat” even the regular Plenny Shake (carbs 55%/ fat 30%/ protein 15%) is doing a way better job (if I add some proteins). I really hope you consider on continuing selling Plenny Shake Active. Thanks!

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Totally agree. Also like Active because of the low fat content.

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Thanks for the input guys, appreciate it! It’s interesting to see so many different people have so many different needs, of course these macro’s really are a very individual thing depending on your lifestyle. I really wish we could cater to all of these different needs and preferences, but unfortunately we have to choose averages. We try to do this as much as we can by listening to our community and by doing the proper market research.

We know it’s not ideal, but you can also try using the Plenny Shake formula that bests suits your needs as a sort of ‘base line’ to further experiment with different additions such as proteins, fats, and fibers.

Thanks again for the input, keep the feedback coming! :v:t2:

That’s a good idea, but what should I add if i want more protein? Should I crush nuts and add those? Or is there another way to add protein?

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You can use protein powder. Since this is the number one supplement for buddy building you can buy it nearly “everywhere” (e. g. amazon). Depending on what you want to pay Whey concentrate would be the cheapest. But you can also use Why isolate which is a little bit more expensive. I personally use a high-quality protein blend which fits my needs the best.
But it is still a huge step backwards. Now I need to add proteins, maltodextrin and creatin to every meal (expect creatin only for one meal). And that’s against the propose of a time saving meal :(. After so many years in which I eat Jimmy Joy for nearly every meal I might switch to another meal replacement which fits my needs better. Everything that’s great will eventually end :(.
@Tim: But still thanks for the response! At least it’s good to know.

Why would you add maltodextrin to your meal? :thinking:

As I wrote initially I regularly do body building. Maltodextrin is a well-known and often recommended supplement. Typically you use it just after your workout because it is a short-chain carbohydrate and therefor it goes fast into your blood. On top Maltodextrin is also a very good weight gainer. Since I am a hardgainer I use Maltodextrin to gain some extra weight. If you are a softgainer (or want to lose weight) you can skip Maltodextrin for your regular meal but I would still suggest using it directly after your workout. Since Plenny Shake Active is/was a meal replacement for “gym rats” (their words not mine) I cannot understand why the toke out the Maltodextrin. The same goes for creatine.
Last but not least I want to say that I am not a native speaker. I tried to answer your question as good as possible but if I could write this in my native language I could give much more detailed information. Now its just a very short answer with the most important and basic informations. Hope it still helps!

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@Daniel @pask, great suggestion by Daniel! I’d suggest looking into some supplemental powders like protein etc. :slight_smile:

Why is this new formula having only 400 kcal per meal instead of 500 as before? How can that low amount of calories be for “gym rats”? I am really disappointed and I hope for better changes

I think the only reason 400kcal is considered one meal is that the competition is doing the same.
And when you just compare the „price per meal“ the competition would look more affordable.
Especially to someone who has no clue about nutritional values.

Earlier one Joy-lent / Jimmy Joy meal was around 700-800kcal.
Then it was changed to 400.

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@Polaroid55 is exactly right! Also, these meal sizes are just guidelines. If you would like to consume 500 or even 800 kcal meals that’s totally fine of course :smiley: It all depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Hey @Polaroid55,

There are multiple reasons why we’ve chosen 400kcal as suggested meal size. The main ones being:

  1. The majority of our customers consume our products at breakfast or lunch. 400kcal would make more sense, since it’s recommended to get about 20% of your RDI from breakfast (which happens to be 400kcal).

  2. More flexibility. We have chosen to level all meals at 400kcal (drink/bar/shake suggestion). Many diets are built up somewhere between 1600 and 2400 kcal.

  3. Better energy levels throughout the day. We see a trend in the western world where people start consuming more but smaller meals instead of the “oldschool” breakfast/lunch/dinner.

  4. Mobility & limitations of Drink / Bar size. If we’d go bigger in meal size we would have to go either 500ML for the drink (bulkier packaging), and there are no manufacturers that we are aware of that can do 400kcal+ bars (we are already testing the limit of most production lines at 400kcal).

Hope this gives you a little more insight in why we choose 400kcal! If you have any other questions please let us know :slight_smile:



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Sorry to reply to an old topic, but it’s the most recent I could find, regarding the big bags.

I can only agree with the OP. I had an active subscription since you guys changed the Active variant to be fully plant based.
After you discontinued the old Active formula I tried the big bag neutral, since before using Active I used the old, high protein Plenny Shake Neutral, but didn’t like it that much.

For me the big bag formula just feels different. My usual routine is mixing three scoops of Active banana, adding water, drink it in a few big gulps, then immedialty going to the gym, for a jog or a bike ride. And it just felt, like the energy was instantly available and I never feld “full” despite the 600kcal intake.
After a workout I would drink another shake with three scoops.
With the big bag, it just feels “slower” and I fill full, before working out and afterwards I just don’t wanna drink a shake again.

Which is why I tried having regular banana and adding protein, but it’s just not the same as the good ol’ Active banana, with supplements. Also I have to buy another plant based protein product, since whey isn’t an option for me (digestive reasons, I’m not vegan). Which is why I ordered two big bags once again.

So my two bags of the banana big bag just arrived today and the first thing I saw was that sucralose is being used as a sweetener. Reading about this stuff makes me really sceptical, so I’m not really convinced, that the step away from maltrodextrin was a good one.

Regarding meal size: I understand the 400 kcal principle for the majority, but 400kcal is not 20% of a gym rat’s RDI. My diet plan says 3000kcal without any activty, so I usually eat 3500-4000kcal on days I work out.
And the old Active formular had gym rats as the target group, as OP mentioned before.

So all in all, one question remains: will bringt back a gym rat formula again?

Thanks for the feedback @magnet, I can definitely see how in your particular case the new Active formula doesn’t work as well as the old one, sorry to hear it!

It’s possible that the lack of maltodextrin takes away that energy spike, since that’s a pretty characteristic thing of Maltodextrin: a quick and high energy peak.

I’m wondering what you’ve read about sucralose that made you sceptical. Would you mind sharing? Perhaps @karel can say a little bit more about why he chose to use it for the new formula.

As for the 400 kcal meals, they’re just suggestions based on an average. It’s important to know how many calories you need on a daily basis and to plan your meals accordingly. Good that you’re on top of that!

Heya Magnet,

My name is Karel and i’m of product development at Jimmy Joy, I will answer to your review with much pleasure!
As I read from your experience your are missing some quick energy from a product like maltodextrin maybe (since it’s not present in the new Big Bag product)? We add maltodextrin as carbohydrate source not as sweetener (sucralose and maltodextrin has always been both inside our products).

We don’t use whey protein in any of our products, so I guess all our products are possible for you, since you can’t digest whey?

<3 Karel

Hi Tim, hi Karel,

thank you very much for the reply!
Since the new big bag seems to have less sugar than the old Active, I thought, that maltodextrin has also something to do with sweeteners, thanks for clarifying that.
And that also explains, why the big bag formular feels “slower”.

Regarding sucralose: the things I’ve read aren’t really clear to me. One study says, that it is completely harmless and way better than sugar, the other says, since it can’t be digested there are amounts of it in rivers and sewage plants and it might/can have a negative impact on the gut flora. That’s why I am a bit sceptical about it.
But I’ve also read, that all the competitors like Huel for example, use it as well to sweeten their products and FDA, WHO, etc. say it’s safe.

And yes, I also tried your other products, like the regular plenny shake, but as well as OP, I enjoyed that I didn’t have to think about extra protein or extra carbs.
But I guess I will give it try, mixing regular banana with extra maltrodextrin and a little extra protein.

Also, is there a specific reason, why you only use soy based protein? Other brands use a mix between rice and peas for example. Or it this just a marketing stunt and doesn’t have any positive effect?

PS: I have to say, that I once again enjoyed your open communication policy!

Hello Magnet,

Always good to take all research into account when looking at the safety of a ingredient such as sucralose. Although you can read negative and positive arguments on the health impact of sucralose, the negative effects that have been studied until now is insufficient to provide any base to work with. (some studies do find negative effects but only at abnormal amounts of sucralose and only tested on rats). Therefore we and the WHO and EFSA find it a safe ingredient to use.

We indeed only use soy protein, since it provides the full amino acids profile and also has a nice nutty taste and mixes very well with water!

I’m happy to hear you like our communication-style!

<3 Karel

Thanks again for the reply and the explanation! Pretty strange though, that misleading information regarding negative effecets can still be found on wikipedia, despite the lack of evidence or even further research.

No problem, my pleasure!

Well there you have the problem of internet on food in a nutshell: lots of opinions are being formed based on inadequate amounts of research.

<3 Karel

Hey Daniel, we made the new Plenny Shake v2.1 more like the former Active. On Monday we will have Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry in te new version. You can read about it here. I hope this is more to your liking. Let me kow.

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