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Please continue selling Plenny Shake Active


As I read today Plenny Shake Big Bag is going to replace Plenny Shake Active very shortly. This thread will most probably not change anything, but I wanted to ask you to continue selling Plenny Shake Active (in addition to Plenny Shake Big Bag). I have been a customer for a long time (even long before you changed the name from ■■■■■■■ to Jimmy Joy) and have an active subscription for Plenny Shake Active. I do bodybuilding and I am nearly 100% on Jimmy Joy Active and eat every day one complete bag. Based on my needs the macrosplit is (nearly) perfect (carbs 50%/ fat 20%/ protein 30%). Sadly, Plenny Shake Big Bag which is supposed to replace Plenny Shake Active is not even close to an alternative for me due to the way to high amount of fat (carbs 35%/ fat 35%/ protein 30%). I understand that different people have different needs, but I cannot understand how a product should replace another product which targets a completely different audience (based on the heavy change in the macrosplit). For me as a “gym rat” even the regular Plenny Shake (carbs 55%/ fat 30%/ protein 15%) is doing a way better job (if I add some proteins). I really hope you consider on continuing selling Plenny Shake Active. Thanks!


Totally agree. Also like Active because of the low fat content.