Help us improve our products!

Hi everyone!

We are always looking to improve our products and we’re already buzzing with ideas for the new year, but we really wanted to get your input on this as well! So what would you like to see us do this year? Think further than just amazing flavors (we know you guys have that one covered😉). Think ingredients, think textures, think calories, think macros, think micros! Get creative and share your thoughts.

Ready, set, go!

Improve texture and particle suspension. Smoother mix that remains mixed and doesn’t settle out in layers overnight in the refrigerator.

A permanent light version, preferably with the same price as regular. Also, bigger bags (1 or 2 kgs) to reduce plastic.


I really enjoy the twennybar and whilst not asking you to change its size or nutritional content, I would like to see it offered in more flavours. Are there any planned changes for twennybar in 2018 ?

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Easy answer: keto version!

What I’d really like to see: More research/information. For example:

  • What is each recipe’s glycemic load or index?
  • On your blog feature people who have volunteered blood test information.
  • On your blog respond to reviews that compare Plenny’s ingredients unfavorably with competitors’.
  • Recruit subjects for an actual study on the bioavailablity of omega 3, iron (I have low iron), vitamin E, vitamin D… or something like joint health, or a survey of lifestyles and what supplements/foods people use because they rely somewhat on Plenny
  • document/advertise Plenny’s nutritional completeness with

I would like to see a vegan sport shake, because I have bad stomach problems with all your non-vegan products. I have diarrhea and flatulence. I also can’t eat Twenny bars.

I also need more calories … like 2500+ kcal per day to keep my 21,5 bmi. Maybe it’s good to add bit more fat. I would like to have 40%Carbs 25% Proteins 35%fats. Actually I eat fatty stuff in addition to the daily bag of Plenny Shake. I eat kilograms of nuts per month. Add nuts!

I also have very low iron.

+1 Bigger bags.

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+1 on keto version! Pleeeease!

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Make versions with real sugar, artificial sweeteners add a bad taste to your products…


Oh yeah, please change the glucosamine ingredient so us Americans can try your Sport edition.

(EDIT: I found glucosamine products at my local pharmacy, and this website suggests importing may not be a problem anymore?

My wife would buy the hell out of lactose-free Twennybars sized at around 200 kcals (she’s currently getting them from a competitor, but they are inferior flavour- and texture-wise, imho).
Also, you could convince her to switch sides if you did a promo with RuPaul… you could call them… Hennybars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jokes aside, I’d love to try crunchy Twennybars (granola, peanuts, cereal flakes…).

Food replacement products are a dream for me. I really appreciate having Plenny Shakes and Twenny Bars as they have improved my lifestyle. My main concern is whether I am really and truly giving my body all of the nutrients it needs to be healthy. I understand that no one is 100% sure of what we need exactly, and that different people may have different needs, but I appreciate the work that JimmyJoy is doing and the constructive criticism that users provide. So having this open forum is great because I have seen people with concerns about:

  • too much sugar
  • not enough sugar (vs. artificial sweeteners)
  • the unnecessary inclusion of Sodium Fluoride
  • fat levels
  • protein levels
  • appropriate use of soy
  • appropriate use of maltodextrin
    among other things.

I am no nutritional expert so I love when people more knowledgeable than me raise issues that I was not aware of and that can potentially make this product better - and me healthier!

Thanks for the open forum. I imagine it may have started because of a conversation in another thread where Tim said:

I’d love to know exactly how the community’s vision is similar to and differs from the company’s vision.

I like the shakes, the texture and taste are good but I think the sachets can use some improvement. Maybe its just me but it seems almost impossible to not spill some powder when filling the shaker. I think a big plastic jar is much more convenient to use, something like this:

Another thing I would like to see is a separate Plenny shake for male and females. The current Plenny shake sachets with about 2100 calories a day are perfect for woman but not for man. As a male I need about 2500 calories a day so I still need to eat extra when using Plenny shake.

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  • Bigger bags (+2kg) as an alternative, we use the scoop anyway to get the amount we want… But the current bags are perfect for one day of travelling
  • More calories 2100 in one bag is a bit to little for me :expressionless:
  • Real suger, not artificial sweeteners, for example my girlfriend can’t eat the artificial sweeteners you use, so she can’t use the product even if she wants :disappointed_relieved:
  • Fun receipts on your blog, maybe we can do cookies with the powder? Or our own bars?
  • User stories on your blog

Don’t leave the vegan products last on your list of innovations please. I would really like to try a vegan sports shake, as well as the coffee shake and the twenny bars. None of those are in vegan versions, and in general none of the new stuff is vegan :frowning:

hi @fernly, could you please elaborate a bit? Great idea, but how would we ‘improve’ texture and particle suspension for example? Thanks for the input! -Tim

Bigger bags is definitely a hot topic here at the office. We’re kicking ideas around on how to improve on this, so thanks for reminding us of the importance! A permanent light version is also something we’re considering, I guess it’ll depend on peoples’ reactions, but ya’ll seem to be digging it. Should we make it a permanent addition to the Plenny Shake family we’ll probably also be able to do something about the price. Thanks!


Hi @kid_joy! Thanks for the feedback. There’s a chance that we might be, maybe, possibly, considering, thinking about revisiting the idea of bringing back a flavor we used to have available in the past. Hope this helps. -Tim

Hi @timwass! Thanks so much for the feedback, appreciate it. Concerning the packaging, we have a separate survey about it here: if you want to give us your honest opinion on our packaging, here’s your chance! More variety in calories is something I’m a fan of too. Most people have different needs/preferences after all! -Tim

Thanks @Xeno_X! I think those are great ideas, really. Wouldn’t you rather see more research/information in videos instead of blogs? Just curious :slight_smile: -Tim

How would we ‘improve’ texture and particle suspension for example?

Tim, you probably saw my video review (or at least, Joey Von K left a comment!) in which I showed dramatic settling when the 2L pitcher is left overnight in the refrigerator. The product settles out in strata and bands of color. Not a big deal as you can always give the pitcher a shake before pouring – but other products do not do that. I don’t know if it is a matter of particle size, or including some type of emulsifier, I am not a food scientist. Possibly related is the feeling of dusty particles left on the roof of the mouth and the teeth after swallowing.