Make a wish! What do you want Jimmy Joy to do in 2022?

Hey all,
We would like to ask you a very important question…

The more we think about it, the more we realize that Jimmy Joy is a collaboration - a partnership between us and you.

Because the truth is: we couldn’t be doing what we do without you.

And so your opinions, wishes, and input are extremely important to this collaboration. Perhaps even the most important data we can gather!

And for that reason we would like to ask you a very important question… It even rhymes.

What do you want Jimmy Joy to do in 2022?

Take your time. Mull it over and let it marinate for a bit. When you’re ready, we’d love to hear your answer(s).

How can we improve your Jimmy Joy experience?
Would you like to see a certain type of meal?
Or perhaps Jimmy Joy can provide you with an easy solution to one of your daily struggles?

Go ahead and drop your comments! We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say.


Sample size pouches of shakes and active shakes! I’ve already tried almost all of the flavours but people that are new to jimmy joy might want to try samples first before committing to full bags. I also suspect that new flavours will keep coming so i also would like to have that option for myself when this happens hehe


I’m waiting on the caramel sea salt shake flavors to be available in the U.S before putting in my next order. It’s my favorite flavor for the bars and I’m sure the shakes would be amazing. I love all your products but consistency between the U.S and European stock would be amazing.


For sure something we hear more often, thanks for the input!

It’s for sure something that has been and is still looked into, but as you will understand, this is not an easy one. It would mean a whole new line needs to be created with the smaller bags so that’s a mega-operation.
Nonetheless, I will put this forward to the R&D department once again with my fingers crossed for an option like this in the future.

You, as an experienced JJ family member, already know we’re very flexible here :wink: But for the newer ones, or the ones thinking of joining the family, it’s good to know we offer a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. This way, trying out a new one is completely without risk and that way everyone can find their favorite(s).



I very much understand this is something you are waiting for, it’s already a classic.
Unfortunately, I will have to break some bad news on this as I just checked and this one is delayed for release for our US customers at this moment. It will still become available, but as it looks now it will be Q2 2022 earliest, sorry!

The point of consistency between the two is a fair one but I feel it needs some explanation. The main point is that our production location is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. So anything new needs to be shipped to the US and this part alone will already take weeks to months. Add to that COVID, congestion and closing down of ports and it makes for more delays in that process as you will understand.

Our goal is to have any new product on all markets as soon as possible of course and I can assure you, our supply chain superstars are on this where possible.


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My wishes (im in the Netherlands)

  • stop using Budbee or at least add another choise of delivery. One that delivers during daytime. 10pm is not an acceptable time for package delivery IMHO.

  • Please make the boxes of the bars with less content. It’s been mentioned in the forums , but 12 is just really A LOT. I really wanna have several flavors in stock. Not only to not get bored but also budget wise. Its way too expensive now to order 3 or 4 flavors. Considering i have shakes and pots as well… and sorry, the mix box is a nice idea but now I’m stuk with one flavor I really dislike and 1 that is just like “so so”…
    Six per box would be a big improvement. Though 4 would be nicer even. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Please improve on the subscription management. It’s tedious. And very unclear when you try it for the first time. I can’t seem to delete an item for example. But it’s a lot of clicking, going back and forth, if you wanna change more than 1 item.

  • I’d love some more fruity flavored bars please. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • more pots please. I love the pots!

Big fan. Please keep up the good works!!

Alvast de beste wensen voor 2022!

Nice list! :smiley: Thank you very much!

Budbee → Wish granted, we offer other options as well like PostNL or DPD for the Netherlands. These deliver during office hours so should be a better solution for you. If you would need assistance setting this up on your account, please reach out through the Live Chat or via

Less Bars in a pack → I understand your point completely and I will forward this suggestion but as you will understand, there’s a reason to the amount in one box from our end. This has to do with the production and shipping among other reasons. But, as you correctly stated, you are not the first to note this, so I’ll make sure it ends up on the right desk.
The mix-pack is of course to try out all the flavors and find out which one(s) you like best, so it would be a one-time option for most people as we almost all have one that we like less or not at all, humans and their personal taste :wink:

Subscription Management → Yes! We are very aware of this being the most requested part for improvements of our website. Without making excuses, it’s a third-party platform and we have been firing requests at them but it’s been taking them a while to get to things. There’s improvements made in the last months, but it can for sure use some more user-friendliness upgrades. We’re on it!
With any edits you would like to make to the subscription or account, please feel free to put us to work for that. From our end, it is just a little easier to make the changes you want.

Fruity flavored Bars → Love the suggestion, and there’s always new things in development for these. Would you maybe have a specific fruit/flavor you would like to see? I will make sure the R&D department hears about that.

More Pots → We’re on that as well, any specific flavor idea’s you have for those maybe?

We’re a big fan of yours as well, thanks for your continued support! :green_heart:

(We wensen jou ook een goeie jaarswisseling en een fantastisch 2022!)

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Thanks for all the positive responses. :+1:t2::smiley:

I will make sure I will contact customer service next time i want to change something in my subscription. And for the delivery party as well…

As for my personal preference for bar flavors: that would be strawberry and orange then…

For the pots I cant really say… im not a well enough cook to know the spices etc… :grimacing:

Perhaps something, pasta, with a tomato sauce like based flavor … type… you know… lol… anyway, there’s a lot of different Asian spices and ofc other kinds. So i cant imagine it would be that hard to make more flavors… yes? No? :smiley:

Can’t wait to see them coming!:smiley:

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Strawberry and Orange will be added to the list of suggestions.
And for the Pots, you are right, there’s lots of idea’s and things already in the works of course. But I will add your notes to this as well! Thanks a bunch.

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As you already did with the mixed flavors pack for the bars, I’d love to see the same with Pots. I want to be able to add the mixed pack you have in the discovery packs, to my current ongoing subscription.

Also, new Pot flavors like Mac n’ Cheese :grin:

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Thanks @Mr.Floppy !

Adding to the list :green_heart:

I know it might be a bit too much to ask for but if possible it would be great to have soy-free versions, at least for the plenny bars


Nothing is asking too much, we asked for your wishes, so feel free to throw them all in here :wink:
I will note this down as well, thank you very much!

I would love to see a soy-free version for my wife, her body is intolerant to soy.

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I’d love a 500kcal version of the Plenny Drinks. They taste great and are incredibly practical – but 400kcal is a bit lacking for me. I usually “top them up” with a snack / some cookies which isn’t ideal :smile:

Am I alone with this wish? :wink:

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I absolutely love your bars product (I hardly eat anything else) so I feel greedy even asking, but even more flavours of bars would be awesome.

And I second the wish for an improved subscription management, although I see you already answered that and I totally get that answer. :slight_smile:

Keep doing what you do and I will remain your loyal customer!


I’d also love more bar flavours, particularly fruity ones (strawberry and orange sound like good flavours for this) but also particularly nutless… I can’t stand nuts in bars (the texture mostly, crunch inside an otherwise chewy bar messes it up for me, but I’m also not keen on almonds in general), and for me the almond and fig is therefore out, despite really liking figs…

Also new pot flavours, I eat these on the regular and love the Cajun Pasta especially, followed by the Tikka Masala… The Korma is unfortunately too spicy for me to enjoy unless I add extra rice, so also a request from me for more low-spice options… Any update on when you think new flavours might be coming? Q2? Later this year?

Otherwise happy customer from Flanders here, and if the subscription page gets addressed, happier still :slight_smile:

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Hi! Another customer from the Netherlands here :slight_smile: And a big fan of Jimmy Joy.

One of your main competitors (who shall go unnamed :wink: ) also does hot meals, but instead of doing them in individual pots (like the plenny pots) they do them in bags with scoops, like Jimmy Joy’s Shakes. I would love something like this, as it would mean far less packaging and that they take up less space.

Flavours I would love to see from the Shakes… Raspberry, Cookies’n’cream, Mint chocolate, Peanut butter


Any specific flavor suggestions you may have for those? Be more greedy even haha :smiley: Thanks!

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Noted, thanks @mort !