Been drinking JimmyJoy for a month now

Hello, I just joined the forum. I’ve been drinking JimmyJoy for a month now. Just the basic bags. I like the sweet fruity flavors. I dropped the chocolate flavor from my subscription because I don’t like it.
Most of my meals are Plenny shakes and I eat regular hot meals about 4-5 times a week.
The shakes are very convenient. Healthyer then I used to eat.
I tried Huel before but it doesn’t taste good and it is more expensive.

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Hi Erik, welcome to the forum!

Cool! We love to hear about the experiences in our community :hearts:
So you are consuming mango, banana and strawberry for the moment?

Yes. Mango is my favorite. I also consume vanilla

Hi! Also just joined the forum (however familiar with JJ product for longer already). May I ask, are you also having the bars (plenny bars) or only the shakes to replace most of your meals?

Hear quite some people here about having (almost) only the shakes and being very positive about it, was just wondering anyone here experiences with having only bars as meal replacement (as they are meal replacement bars so should be possible?) :sweat_smile:

No I have no experience with the bars. I mostly choose shakes because of the price. If the bars are cheaper then the shakes I’d consider it. What do you think about the bars?

Thanks for the reply! Untill now I tried the caramel seasalt, vanilla and chocolate flavors (and will be trying pizza and hazelnut coffee soon). Vanilla was not it for me, chocolate also not great fan (which is ahame as the old twenny bars vanilla and chocolate flavors were both amazing…) Do have to say, most people seem to enjoy the chocolate flavor of the plenny bars so would say worth a shot. Caramel seasalt I personally like, but for this one interestly enough lot of other people seem to find this one not the best… (too salty)… Heard positive reviews so far for both hazelnut coffee and pizza flavor as well.

All bars are same consistency, solid, quite big ones, so think they are for sure way more filling than the shakes (I personally tried the Plenny shake active, but would prefer the bar over a shake). Happy that the bars are not crumbly at all, so also convienent for on the go / in the car without making a mess (but also not so hard rocket that you would break your teeth trying to bite into them :sweat_smile:). However when it’s really warm (summer, 30 degrees celcius+) they do get a bit sticky so in that case recommend to put them in the fridge. And in case 400 cal is too much / you want for whatever reason a smaller meal, ‘‘leftover’’ piece of the bar within wrapper and in a plastic bag or container stays just as delicious and ‘‘fresh’’ for up to 2 days I find (as long as you don’t leave in the sun or anything ofc).

Only downside for me is low protein content (or: density is better word perhaps), only 20 grams of protein and 400 cal… for that amount of cal would have love to see higher amount of protein. And the price as you mentioned, miss the twenny bars on that aspect, those where more affordable! Understand that JJ wanted to offer also vegan bars, but they could have kept the twenny bars (or other cheaper bar) option for those among us who do not mind for some whey protein in the bar? (The bars were already vegeterian I think)

Anyways sorry for the whole essay but hope this helps otherwise sorry for wasting your time :see_no_evil:

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I see. The plenny bars sound really good. Maybe it’s worth considering eating them from time to time. Hazelnut coffee seems delicious. I could serve them to my guest perhaps.

I also prefer the fruity ones and Mango is definitely my favourite! <3