Hello everybody :)

My name is André and I live in a little town in Ostfriesland (Germany) and I just started my JJ adventure a week ago.
I know, it’s recommended to slowly replace those oldschool meals but the magical scoop seduced me to replace every meal just right away,

I started with 3 meals/day because I want to loose some weight…
but my body just screams for more of this magical powder :unicorn:

That’s why I just changed my subscription today and added plenny bars, too.

I tried all flavours except vanilla and love everyone more or less.
I’m curious how the bars will taste like… What do you prefer? Shakes/Bars?
…and what is your favourite flavour?

Maybe , here and then, I will cheat on JJ with some of this oldschool food…
but I think this will be my regular meal for now :slight_smile:

Mhm…when I think about cheating on JJ…if I could wish me a flavour, I think it would be Cinnamon blended together with Anise and Cardamom - in hope it will taste like “Neejahrskoken.” Its a special thing too eat at the time around new year here and I could just eat/drink the dough ^^



hi I’m mick from Ireland.
been havin plenny active for breakfast & lunch for the past couple of months. banana. love it. I was using huel previously, it’s really expensive n tbh not nearly as nice.

my daytime diet was a mess so it’s completely sorted it out. I have a good dinner + my Plennys and I’m sorted. hitting around 2000 - 2300 cal per day. got a few kg of fat I wanna shift. :+1:t2:


Hi to all!

I’m Simone from Rome.

I have 35 years old, and Sunday i’ve place my first JJ order :grinning:

So my journey start in few days, i’m very exited!

My focus is on lose weight, because now i’m very fat and i want to obtain a “new” shape.


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Welcome @andre1607!

As long as your body feels fine you can replace more meals. It’s key to listen to your body.

You can also read this guide we wrote on losing weight: https://jimmyjoy.com/pages/fat-loss

Please keep us posted on your progress.


Thank you for the infos, it’s a great help :slight_smile:

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