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Second Month of Jimmy Joy!

Hey everyone,

My name’s Ysabella and I’m currently living in Spain.

My whole journey with JJ started off with trying to find cheap and affordable weight-loss shakes as I was feeling a tad pudgy and wanted to try calorie counting. Then I came across this brand and if I’m being honest, one of the reasons why I purchased the trial pack was because of the aesthetic packaging, yes I’m only human and I can’t say no to something as instagrammable as the packaging. Well that, and the promise of 400 calories made it an even sweeter deal, everyone knows you can’t get any cheaper than this.

I’m not really the type to micromanage my vitamins and minerals, just going off on calorie counting at the moment, but so far I’ve been seeing some results in the past month I’ve consumed the Plenny Shakes (no exercises included) so that’s pretty encouraging! For the month of July, I’ve only had it for breakfast, but in August I’m going to start having it for breakfast and dinner because of the convenience.

Now let’s talk about the flavor, my personal favorites are strawberry and vanilla and I have a strong liking for banana and mango that’s why I started my subscription for them. However, I’m not a fan of coffee and chocolate, not sure what it is but it just gives a peculiar aftertaste that’s overwhelming in an unpleasant way. I’m trying the Chai Latte this month as well and I hope it’s good as it’s one of my go-to drinks! Maybe in the future, you could also look into making a Matcha Green Tea flavor (similar to Starbucks?) I’m sure people will love it as well and it’ll definitely be a lot easier because right now I’m just mixing my vanilla with matcha powder, it does the job but decent Matcha on its own is obscenely expensive.

I managed to try all the 3 current Plenny Bar flavors as well and I LOVE THEM, I’m sad that I can’t afford to have it every day on my student budget because if I had a choice, I’d have a shake for breakfast and a bar for dinner.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to actually sell it by piece with a minimum amount of course or maybe create a variety flavor pack that has 4 bars of each flavor in a box of twelve, or maybe a box that has enough bars that last a month with a slight discount, I know for sure that I’d definitely buy that.

Also wanted to share some pictures that I took when I first started and I also did a little unboxing for my friends and family on IGTV! To conclude, I’m really glad I joined the JJ family and I think I’ll be here a while.


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hi Ysabella, thank you so much for taking the time to write this in-depth first impression and review!

A matcha green tea flavor sounds interesting, we’ll look into that. But I especially like your idea of splitting 12 pack into a 3x4 pack! We’ll take into consideration for any future developments :smiley:

Thank you so so much for your post and for all the love on social media <3

Cool review, and I can only second the vanilla and banana craze :smiley:

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I cannot agree more for a Vanilla-Matcha flavor :smiley:

Vanilla + Matcha, combined?