100% Plenny bars - any experiences?

Most people who want to replace all their means with jimmy joy are using their shakes. But has anyone tried it with 100% bars instead of shakes? That’s what I’m planning to do.
Interested in your experiences there!


I am incredibly lazy, so I don’t even want to shake or do the few dishes that come with the shakes. I opt for bars (also because it gives me something to chew on).

I have replaced around 80% of my meals with bars. (Slightly less lately, but there have been a few weeks where I ate nothing but bars).

My anecdotal experience has been great! I always ate rather healthy before using jimmy joy, but currently I feel really healthy and am loving it because of its convenience.

Edit: If you want more details feel free to ask me questions.


Oops i misinterpreted your question. No I have not tried Plenny bars, but I have been eating Plennyshake.

Atleast 95 out of 100 of my meals are off all the meals I have been eating for the past 1.5 years have been PlennyShake Vanilla. I made a somewhat indepth post about my experience.
The summary is: I love how much time and energy it safes me. I feel physically better than I did before, and havent gotten sick of Plennyshakes atall. If anything, when i occaisionally do eat a snack or a normal dinner, I enjoy it far more than i otherwise would.

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