10months of eating only PlennyShakes (Review)

So I have been drinking PlennyShake Vanilla-flavor, 5 times a day (95g each) for the past 10 months.
Atleast 95% of all the meals I have eaten in these 10 months were PlennyShake. Only on very rare occasions would I eat a regular meal. Sometimes I will eat a pear or a kiwi, but that is also rare.

I live a sedentary lifestyle but do some light exercise for 20 minutes each day. I weigh about 70kg, am 175cm tall, and in my mid 20s. I do not take any supplements or medicine. I don’t smoke.

I have not done a blood test, because 1. i feel great, and 2. the videos i’ve seen of how much blood they take from you make me dizzy.

Why did I get into eating PlennyShakes only
I dislike: Figuring out what I want to eat, Going to the store, Finding the food in the store and being around a large crowd of people, Going back home with heavy groceries, Preparing the food, Cleaning everything up including doing dishes, Having lots of packaging trash and leftovers to throw away.

PlennyShake cuts down on all the time/energy spend on all of that Dramatically.
There is no other reason why I switched to eating PlennyShakes only.

My experience

  • I feel great, my stomach is happy and my stool is a consistent type 4 every time.
  • Before I switched to this diet I read people saying my jaw would start to hurt from not chewing, I don’t have this problem at all.
  • I do not miss eating regular meals
  • I have not gotten sick of the same flavor/food every day, and I know I won’t in the future.
  • I don’t have an urge to snack, I know exactly at which time of the day I drink another meal and that stops my head from ever even going “Should I eat something right now, or not?” which was kind of distracting before.
  • I tried other flavors, but:
    1. they were harder to clean off my glassware which got annoying (I do dishes by hand).
    2. Other flavors tasted nice, but eating them 5 times a day every day I started to dislike them, except for vanilla. I think this is because vanilla is a more subtle taste although if I could have a PlennyShake with no taste atall I think I might like that even more.
  • I have not tried any other JimmyJoy products because I am just not interested.
  • When I occasionally do eat a regular meal, as long as I don’t eat a huge amount my stomach can handle it perfectly fine, it doesn’t seem to have ‘forgotten’ how to digest other stuff and make me sick or anything.

The bad

  • It’s getting more and more expansive, which is getting a bit tough on my budget, however the most important thing to me is that the ingredients stay top quality.
    Really can’t think of any other downsides for me.

Theres not much else to say except, PlennyShake has subjectively been a improvement to my life, and I don’t see myself going back to eating regular meals. If PlennyShake ever stops being appealing because of price or ingredient changes, I will switch to a competitor before going back to cooking my own meals again.

Any other people here who’s meals consist of majority only JimmyJoy products?
And what are your experiences? I would like to read these peoples reviews, so please write them. (:


98% of the time Plenny shakes and 2% for normal food.
It’s super healthy Plenny shakes because it’s packed with very good building blocks, vitamins and minerals, convenience and no food to throw away because it’s expired. I also have to go to the supermarket a lot less. I have much more energy, I have much less colds and I haven’t been sick for years thanks to Plenny shakes. Also I have no jaw pain or stomach problems when I eat normal food and I can still eat as much as before I started Plenny shakes. I have also used Jake and Huel in the past and very satisfied with them as well. It’s a beautiful world the healthy liquid food and I even take it with me on vacation, I’m addicted to it but eating normal food for once is also very tasty. I am 1.95 meters tall and weighed 58 kilos a long time ago, which is much too light, thanks to the healthy liquid diet I quickly weighed 85 kilos again, it’s a panacea! I have almost all flavors of Plenny shakes because I like variety.

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Thanks for that guys, we very much appreciate your input here, we are looking forward to seeing more replies.


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