Hello and first impressions from Germany!

Hello everyone!

I have just started studing while also working at my old company. My schedule is full and even though I really like to cook and visit the farmers market I will only be able to do that on weekends.
Enter: Jimmy Joy!
The healthy, fast and cheap meal which is replacing all the frozen j-food I have been eating so far.

I will soon receive my second order of Jimmy Joy and for the first time also tweeny bars!
I was a little bit scared at first because people where complaining so much about packages not being shipped out etc. Both of my orders where ready for pick up 1 day faster than the eta suggested. shipping took a little longer (2 -3days) which is totally fine due to no shipping cost! So if you are being dissuaded by the older posts in the forum: Just Do It! :wink:

My first couple of bags of Plennyshakes were a very nice experince. So far I really like Banana, Choclate is kinda bland almost neutral except for the color.
I was also worried about the texture being “gritty” or “chalky”. It is definitfly not chalky it just has a little bit of a ground oat texture which I like. The texture caused me to reflexifly chew the soylent when eating it and I think a much smoother texture would be too much of a drink and too little food.

I was suprised how satieated Plennyshake left me.(I usually eat ALOT) I have even dialed down the portion size for breakfast because it was leaving me a bit too full after eating it quickly in the morning. I would rather enjoy a larger shake in the afternoon. Or replace the reduced calaories with a tweenybar (which I should get tomorrow!! :smiley: ) So far I went one day 100% and most other days 2/3 (Lunch normal)

Overall I am quite happy about the time, money, and health I am saving through Jimmy Joy and I will mostlikely start a sub. once i tested all flavours!


Did you also try leaving your Plnnyshake in the fridge for a few hours (or up to 2 days)? That would change the texture too.

Same experience, I can only have about 2.5 scoops of Plennyshake in the morning (not the full 3.5 scoops/1 meal).

Any updates from your experience? Do share! :slight_smile:

Yeah I did that too, the Consistency is quite a bit smoother. But I found that it is just too cold for me in the morning. Which surprised me actually :smiley:

I do sometimes add warm water which does make the consistency very creamy immediately (especially with vegan) and drink it warm.
Overall I am very happy still and found that vanilla vegan seems to be my favourite :slight_smile:

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I know what you mean!!

In the mornings: I usually take out the shake from the fridge, go to bathe and dress up, then drink it right before stepping out of the house.
So that it’s still chilled, but not icy cold! Maybe it helps that I take 40mins to get ready, haha!

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