New to Plenny, Not exactly impressed


Having previously only tried and used Huel, I looked into trying a different range of ‘lents’. What attracted me to Plenny powder was the price and the nutritional profile, plus the flavours.

I ordered Chocolate, Vanilla and Wake-up to try. Once arrived, I mixed up a 400 Kcal portion with 300 ml water. In short, I didn’t enjoy it. Whilst the flavours of all 3 are fine (albeit not very pronounced), the consistency is water thin, practically no texture whatsoever.

Using 250ml/200ml doesn’t really improve matters, nor does any extra powder. Leaving in Fridge doesn’t help either. This in turn leaves me hungry pretty quickly.

Shame as I had high hopes for Plenny, definitely not for me :frowning:

Recently got Mana to try, and so far Happy with the taste/texture and satiety. Also have tried Queal/Saturo and pretty happy with them.

I do hope Plenny improves in the future, as for the price it would have been my ‘lent’ of choice.

Sorry to hear you’re not a fan of the consistency Michael, that’s a bummer :frowning:

We’ve used a super finely grounded oat to make the shake super smooth, but perhaps it’s too smooth for you now. I don’t quite experience it as watery though, I use 400 kcal meals in the small shaker myself, but in general like the taste better when I use a little less water than the suggested ML’s.

In any case, we’re always experimenting and developing so keep an eye on our any new stuff that will come out (new formula, new bar etc. ), perhaps these will better satisfy your needs!

Let me know if there’s anything we can do for you in the meantime :slight_smile:


Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your reply. I am going to try making bigger shakes (600 cal breakfast, 600-800 cal lunch) with the same amount of water 350-400ml to see if that helps with satiation.

I’ll let you know how that goes :blush:


Please do! I’m sure more people would love to hear your findings :smiley:

Well I’m back :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:, this time I’m giving Big Bag (Active) Vanilla a whirl.

First impressions are that it is MUCH better than regular Plenny!

Thickness is better, the Vanilla is nice and subtle, taste reminds me a little of Mana, but yummier, looking positive :heart:.

One teeny tiny thing though, I did request one of the larger shakers with my most recent order, but got sent a smaller one instead :frowning::wink:

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Yay, so glad to hear about your positive findings. And thanks for taking the time to share them here :smiley:

As for the shaker: sorry about that. Would you like to receive one with your next order? Maybe you can email me about it at so we can arrange something :slight_smile:

Little tip to improve the texture and mix, make the shake the night before and use a little boiled water (around a quarter of the whole water you add) as well as cold water. Shake it up, let it cool a little and leave it in the fridge until morning. Then shake again before you drink it.

I’ve been doing this since a few weeks after making my first shake and the taste and consistency is perfect. Hope it helps!


Ah yes, I totally forgot about this one! Good one to share here, thanks <3

Why the boiled water?

due to some magical natural occurring hot water dissolves the powder into a smooth consistency almost immediately!


The wonders of nature! I get so used to making it the night before so it truly makes it instant when I grab it from the fridge in the morning. Perfect!

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